The Golding Group

Latest Project: Blue Sage Glass Blowing Studio Brochure

Just in time for the Oklahoma City Arts Festival, our creative team has completed a creative and innovative brochure for our friends/neighbors at Blue Sage Glass Blowing Studio.

Owner/Artist/Instructor Andy Boatman needed to update his marketing materials but didn’t have a huge budget. We came up with a cost-effective double roll-fold design that allows for a lot of text and plenty of great photos of the beautiful Blue Sage glass work.

If you’re looking to buy wonderful glass art, taking a glass blowing lesson or booking a unique party/team building experience check out our friends at Blue Sage.

Blue Sage Comp

Watch the brochure open via Flipgram video

Latest Project: All Souls’ Church Direct Mail

When a great, long-time client calls and ask for our help assisting his church with a pledge drive, of course we say “Yes”. This is how we got involved with the 2014 All Souls’ Episcopal Church Every Members Canvas project. But true to our form, we weren’t interested in doing a “same-as-always” promotion, but instead creating something to really grab the attention of the All Souls’ congregation.


We took a great deal of informational text and ideas from the church committee, along with a few supplied photos to create a multipart package for direct mail. We utilized high quality offset printing on a natural tone cardstock to keep a traditional feel, but with a modern twist.

Our mix of simplified text, typography and fresh photography created a well-rounded package of cards that together tell a story, but can also stand alone. The package was mailed to church members and will be handed out at church events.

We’re super excited about how the project turned out, and have received very positive feedback from the church committee, clergy and members.

Expert Non-Profit Direct Mail Tips

Here are a few direct mail tips and techniques specifically for non-profit organizations. Contact us if you need more detailed information.

Non-profit direct mail facts:

  • $5.2 billion (estimated) amount in fundraising driven by non-catalog direct mail in 2010
  • 91% of US non-profits use direct mail (Direct Marketing Association)
  • Make-A-Wish, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and United Way all rely heavily on direct mail

Direct Mail Benefits:

  • Lower initial investment than other forms of advertising
  • Lower cost per $1,000 compared to TV/radio commercials, publication ad placement
  • No spam filter, direct mail is delivered straight to the intended target
  • Stays around longer and stands out – on average, direct mail sits on a desk or coffee table for 3-5 days after being received (How fast do you delete emails, forget web pages or print ads?)
  • Can be signed and returned – very beneficial for membership and donation forms that require physical signatures
  • Can be combine with print, e-mail, online and mobile to be a part of a comprehensive marketing campaign
  • Consistent results – direct mail tend to perform the same each time it’s done (if done correctly)

How to do it better:

Use a Non-profit indicia or Non-profit Stamp (with automation):

  • Only 200 piece minimum to use (total, not per zip code)
  • .9 for a non-profit indicia or stamp, .29 for a 4″x6″ postcard with a stamp, .39 for Presort First Class and .44 for first class (stamp)

Saving Money on Postage Pays for a Lot of Printing, Stuffing, Folding, Tabbing and Addressing:

  • Time is money labor + time occupied + toner + labels = expensive
  • Free your staff, interns or volunteers to do other important work for your organization
  • Machines are fast and efficient

Clean Your Mailing List:

  • USPS sees 10 billion pieces of Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail per year
  • More than 45 million Americans (14% of population) change their addresses each year
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) Link can correct changed addresses up to 48 months
  • Run NCOA close to mail date to get the latest information
  • Eliminate duplicate and incomplete addresses to reduce cost of sending mail to people who are not there
  • Get a report of bad addresses (UAA mail) back from mail house
  • Avoid missing good donors by knowing you missed them
  • “Churn” is the term for missing a willing donor simply by not asking them to donate again

Return Service Requested:

  • So worth the work to clean your list – Less mistakes = less cost and budget waste
  • Know who you missed and avoid that postage cost of future mailing
  • The Post Office will destroy all UAA non-profit mail that does not request Return Service

Three C’s of Addressing:

  1. Complete – All required elements are present
  2. Correct – All elements are accurate
  3. Current – most recent is always the best

CASS Certification Software:

  • Standard processing software from USPS
  • Confirms and corrects ZIP+4 codes and carrier route information
  • Necessary for some USPS discounts

Profile Donors/Supporters:

  • Purchase list of new prospects based on demographics of current donors/members/supporters
  • Utilize Variable Data Printing to personalized letters and postcards
  • Use a PURL (personalized web address) for increased impact and customization

Control the Timing of Your Message:

  • Blast Campaign (send all at once) only if you can you handle the response volume all at once, if not try a drip campaign
  • Drip Campaign will split up your mail total over multiple weeks or months, allowing for control of response or increase repetition of message
  • Event participation invitations can hit homes on a specific date if planned well

Direct Address Your Mail:

  • Avoid label retail cost and over buying
  • Avoid labels falling off
  • Clean up the design of you mailer
  • Utilize IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) tracking and postal discounts – even on return envelopes (recent change)

Don’t Forget About the Envelope:

  • Utilize the space by printing on the front and back
  • Teaser copy on the outside will promote opening, but you need to keep it simple
  • Keep the text/graphics specific to offer or audience For The Golfer or Coupon Inside
  • Have a clear Call to Action such as See offer insideOpen today or Get your free gift
  • Use a photo or graphic element, easy to interpret visual images are worth a 1,000 words
  • Do not “fake” official or government looking documents, it’s considered unethical by most

Postcard Sizes & Layouts Have IMPACT:

  • Up to 6″ x 11″ card for same rate, why use a small 4″ x 6″
  • Use one of the USPS guides to make sure your design meets all requirements