Join our CEO Kyle Golding for serious marketing + casual conversation + cold brew at Beers And Branding on August 18th at the Tower Theater in OKC. Informal, high-level discussion about branding and audience development with a focus on alternative tactics and digital tools best suited for modern audiences. Professionals informing professionals while enjoying a local beverage from Anthem Brewing Co

Join us for an informative brand and audience building round-table hosted by Kyle Golding in the casual setting of Tower Studio (home of the WAFTI podcast). We’re going to challenge traditional ideas of marketing, providing new and interesting ideas and insights into strategy, tactics and measurement. The audience will very much be part of the conversation. Ask questions, get answers and add your thoughts to the mix.

Seating will be limited (25) to ensure a quality experience and plenty of Anthem beer for all attendees. This free quarterly event will sell out, all attendees must reserve their spot on has Sold Out, but you can get on our Waiting List for possible tickets or cancellations, information about our next event and other insider only communications. Each hour-long event will also be live streamed and recorded, but that won’t get you free beer. Attendees will be treaded to Anthem Brewing and/or Ozarka water as our treat for participating.

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This is not “how we’ve always done it” marketing advice. Grab a beer and let’s talk about branding on a whole new level. A project of Naked City OKC.

The Grasshopper Startup/Small Business Blog recently asked our CEO Kyle Golding and several other business owners two important questions on the topic of writing a modern business plan in 2016.

Here are my answers. If you want to know more, contact Kyle here.

What’s the difference between modern and traditional business plans?

Speed and technology. Modern business plans are still built on traditional business models, but have to take into account the speed at which products are developed, enter the market, and are upgraded. The barrier to entry for new business is lower than ever. A business can be started and see success for much less up-front commitment than ever before thanks to modern technology. Production, marketing, internal communications, customer acquisition, etc. are all easier to manage and more effective today, but only if incorporated into the business plan and executed at a high level.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.33.31 AM

What questions should every business plan answer?
  • Who, What, When, Why, Where, How and For How Much.
  • Who are we as a company/brand and who is our primary and secondary audience?
  • What are we offering them, at what value?
  • When are they buying/paying for it and how often?
  • Why is our product/service needed and why do they choose us over others?
  • Where do they purchase and at what cost to us?
  • How does our audience decide to purchase and how do we influence them? How do we speak to and listen to our target audience?
  • How much can we charge the consumer with all real cost and margins included to be competitive and profitable? The reason to run business is to be profitable.


Unspoken Woman exhibition on display November – January

OKLAHOMA CITY: Ronna Pernell, professional fine artist from Oklahoma City, will present an exhibition of 22 new works of art in the North Gallery of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The exhibition, titled Unspoken Woman, will be on display Nov. 16th, 2015 through January 27th, 2016 on the 1st floor of the Oklahoma State Capitol building. A special artist reception will be held on Friday, November 20th from 5:00 to 8:30 pm with light refreshments from Rococo Catering. The event is free and open to the public.

Pernell uses the traditional technique of stippling, which is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots, to honor the story of all women and women of color. Pernell utilizes white ink on black paper to create her art, filling voids to create forms and faces. Each of her art pieces takes two months or more to complete. Examples of Pernell’s past works are available at

QR CodeThe exhibition will also utilize new technology to provide a recorded narration specific to each of the illustrations. Gallery guest will be able to use their smartphones to hear a description of each work and what it represents to the artist. This multimedia experience will be the first of its kind in a State Capitol gallery. The artwork and narration will be accessible on a show-specific website beginning Friday, November 20th at 5:00 coinciding with the artist reception. This unique combination of audio and visual art was a collaboration between Pernell, Kyle Golding of The Golding Group and wordsmith Barbara L. Eikner of Trabar & Associates, along with the narration of Dr. Melanie Bratcher, PhD. Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma.

The website was designed and built by The Golding Group. The full interactive site with artwork, recorded narratives and interactive elements will not be publicly available until the beginning of the artist reception on November 20th. The Capitol North Gallery will have QR Codes placed on each piece of art to allow show attendees to hear the recorded narratives while experiencing the art in person. A video of the opening event will also be posted on the Unspoken Woman website shortly after the event ends. The Golding Group will also be hosting several art and entertainment celebrities from Oklahoma City, Chicago and New York City during the evening of November 20th.

Unspoken Woman Dot Com

Pernell has specific reasons for making this exhibition special. “The Oklahoma Capitol North Gallery provides me the opportunity to empower women – to reach an audience of people who will began a conversation about the future of women in society. Unspoken Woman visually expresses the essence of every phase of a woman’s life from birth to death and accentuates the path in their journey called life. This story and message of this exhibition is autobiographical in some regards, but expresses the lives of many African-American women in society.”

Pernell’s Official Artist Statement for Unspoken Woman: This exhibition is not a history lesson or study of tribal activities. It will not unveil secrets of the dark continent left dormant for thousands of years or gender psychologies discovered by some unknown scientist. This exhibition is a moment in time to see/hear the voice of women that are suppressed across all civilizations of the earth yet resonates loudly through the lives of women of color.

R Pernell In Art Focus Spread

The State Capitol North Gallery is open from 8:00 am through 6:00 pm Monday – Friday and 9:00 am through 4:00 pm on weekends. All State Capitol galleries are curated by the Oklahoma Arts Council. For more information contact the Curator of Education and Capitol Galleries Alyson Aitchison.

The Oklahoma Arts Council supports the work of Oklahoma artists in part by presenting 60-day exhibitions of their artwork for thousands of students, visitors, and others to enjoy at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The Oklahoma Arts Council is the official state agency for the support and development of the arts. The Council’s mission is to lead, cultivate and support a thriving arts environment, which is essential to quality of life, education and economic vitality for all Oklahomans. The Council provides more than 500 grants to over 300 organizations in communities statewide each year, organizes professional development opportunities for the state’s arts and cultural industry, and manages hundreds of works of art in the public spaces of the state Capitol.


For more information, please contact:
Kyle Golding
The Golding Group
(405) 361-4927

Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about non-profit structure, communications and leadership.

Prepare to have your toughest questions answered and most complex issues explained in a direct, no-nonsense way. Get the solutions to your biggest non-profit issues with real world advice. In-house staff, supporters and agencies with non-profit clients will find this advice useful. Recorded 05/11/2015 in The Golding Group Oklahoma City Office at 1219 Creative.

Kyle Golding, CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group, is a proven expert with 20+ awards for cause marketing. His background includes multiple local and national non-profit boards, Creative Director for the United Way of Central Oklahoma and a founding board member of Inclusion In Art. 30% of The Golding Group client list are non-profit organizations, including Oklahoma Zoological Society, CASA of Oklahoma County, Edmond Fine Arts Institute and many more.

AMA-OKC Special Interest Group
Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, are smaller communities within the chapter that focus on niche areas of marketing. AMA-OKC currently has SIGs covering Social Media, Financial Services and Non-Profit marketing. They also have a rotating topic SIG that changes each meeting to focus on a unique area not covered in the other three Special Interest Groups. Each SIG meets once  per quarter from 11:30am – 1:00pm. All SIGs are FREE to members to attend and $10 for non-members.

The newest Golding Group collaboration takes us deep inside the high-tech industry niche of Legacy Code IT Modernization. A growing industry, IT Modernization is the continuous evolution of an organization’s existing application and infrastructure software, with the goal of aligning IT with the organization’s ever-shifting business strategies. The IT Modernization industry is currently valued at $150B per year.

AvS Logo

AveriSource is the leader in source code analysis, application documentation and business rule discovery. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, AveriSource’s iSAT has analyzed millions of lines of code for government agencies and Fortune 100 companies.

The Golding Group is doing a complete restructure of AveriSource positioning, marketing and sales model. These changes, along with new sales techniques and training, will put AveriSource in the best position for extraordinary growth in sales, market share and profits.

What do you think of this logo we created for them just last month? Here are a few process shots…. AVS Branding Process

Want to know more about marketing, branding or business development? Contact us today.

We take great pride in announcing our latest non-profit client partnership: Tipton Children’s Home. Founded in 1924, The Tipton Children’s Home mission is to raise children in a loving, caring and stable Christian environment in rural SW Oklahoma. This is a safe place for children, whose parents can no longer care for them, to live and prosper.

Unlike many programs, the Tipton Children’s Home is designed for long-term (up to age 17) residential care focused on preparing children for adulthood.

The Tipton Children’s Home offers focused, long-term residential care with emphasis on education, community activity and church life. Their well established approach to child development, away from distractions and negative influences, has proven to prepare children for adulthood

The mission of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide the highest quality of long-term residential childcare in the areas of spiritual instruction, nutrition, shelter, clothing, education and safety. The Tipton Children’s Home is made up of children ages 5-18, house parents and other staff. The purpose of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide a loving, Christian atmosphere where children can grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The Golding Group is creating a comprehensive, top-to-bottom plan for the Tipton Children’s Home to cover marketing, fundraising, program development, internal efficiencies and long-term sustainability. We began working with the Tipton Children’s Home leadership team over 9 months ago with program analysis, asset inventory and assessment. We plan to keep working actively with the Tipton Children’s Home over the next 12-18 months developing communications, programming and financial support tools. Check out their new website (we designed for them, built by T&S Online) for more info.

Tipton Website

Two years ago, we started talking to the Fine Arts Institute (FAI) of Edmond about a single item: the retirement of their long time (25 years) executive director. Mitzi Hancuff had run the organization since it’s founding but she was ready to retire. Long time employee Shannon Price was selected by the board of director to fill Mitzi’s shoes. The concern was if this transition did not go well, the organization could lose supporters or standing built up over the last two+ decades.

This transition actually went amazingly smooth, with supporters, staff and community all excited for the future at FAI. But that’s not the end of the story. During the planning of the E.D. transition, we noticed a few marketing and communication tools that really needed to be improved. The most glaring example was their website. The site had been designed many years back and was obviously out-of-date. On top of that, making changes or upgrades was expensive and the control panel was less than user-friendly.

We immediately suggested a website redesign to match the new leadership, new branding (logos and cutline) and future direction of FAI. But we didn’t stop there.

It’s not enough for a website to be attractive, but it has to be highly functional. As we discussed the use of a website with the staff, we realized there were several opportunities to create efficiencies and lower operating cost.

  • FAI spent a great deal of time and money every semester printing and mailing class catalogs, brochures and other annual marketing materials. By putting all class descriptions, with links to online enrollment and payments, on the new website in a searchable format we made it possible for FAI to stop paying printing and postage for catalogs. Class enrollment went up and cost went down.
  • Previously, general brochures and other fundraising materials were also mailed to past and potential supporters. With the new website, we send a postcard to the supporter list with information about the FAI programs and the new website. Again, donations are up and costs are down.
  • We also added tools to increase efficiency in enrolling and tracking students for classes, promoting special events and fundraisers, listing all the programs offered by FAI and promoting the mission of Creativity at All Ages, All Stages for kids, adults and senior.

By taking the time to uncover the real needs of the organization we solved a lot of problems and created new opportunities for FAI. Working with the staff and leadership to make the organization better, instead of focusing on single projects, resulted in a highly effective solution for FAI. We also made sure the staff at FAI could use this new tool to its full potential, without any need to rely on us or anyone else (no more fees to pay). The new website is truly theirs to use and benefit from.

The NEW website:
FAI WebsiteThe OLD website:
OLD home page

Obviously, a huge difference between the two. Special thanks to T&S Web Design for taking our ideas and making them into a real, highly functioning website. We swung for the fences on this project, and we hit a grand slam. Take a moment and read all about the great work FAI does in the Edmond area.

If you need an organizational inventory, project management or whole organization integration please contact us for ways we can help your business or non-profit.

We promised several major announcements from The Golding Group in early 2015, and we start with our new logo cutline: Strategic Growth Partners

This language better describes our working relationship with our clients. It’s not about billable hours or turning projects, but helping your business/non-profit succeed.

Golding Group 2015 logo Reverse

We believe a strategic partner, invested in organizational growth, will find the best solution – not doing “just enough” to complete a project. We also believe a long-term working relationship leads to better results. Being committed to your success is how we help you the most.

What do you think? We would love to know your thoughts. Contact us.

Do you know a business or non-profit that could benefit from a working relationship with The Golding Group? If so, refer them to us. Not only we will help their organization grow, we’ll make sure you’re rewarded as well. Cash, free consulting or a Rococo gift card will be coming your way.

The Golding Group took home 3 awards from the Oklahoma City Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMAOKC). The awards are judged on Insight, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Budget/ROI and most importantly (largest part of the score) Results.

AMA 2015 Award Trio

Cause Marketing: CASA of Oklahoma County Campaign
Trade Show/Special Event: Rococo Clam Bake Promotion
Special Award – As a huge, unexpected bonus, we also were awarded the Judges Choice for our strategy behind the Rococo Clam Bake

Overall, we are very happy for our team, our clients and for winning 3 more results driven awards for our efforts.

Latest Project: Blue Sage Glass Blowing Studio Brochure

Just in time for the Oklahoma City Arts Festival, our creative team has completed a creative and innovative brochure for our friends/neighbors at Blue Sage Glass Blowing Studio.

Owner/Artist/Instructor Andy Boatman needed to update his marketing materials but didn’t have a huge budget. We came up with a cost-effective double roll-fold design that allows for a lot of text and plenty of great photos of the beautiful Blue Sage glass work.

If you’re looking to buy wonderful glass art, taking a glass blowing lesson or booking a unique party/team building experience check out our friends at Blue Sage.

Blue Sage Comp

Watch the brochure open via Flipgram video