PRSA Announces 2018 Board of Directors. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the nation’s largest professional organization serving the communications community, announced its officer and director nominees for its 2018 board of directors.

Congratulations to our own Pritch Pritchard for being named Director for the Southwest District.

About the Public Relations Society of America: PRSA is the nation’s largest professional organization serving the communications community. The organization’s mission is to make communications professionals smarter, better prepared and more connected through all stages of their career. PRSA achieves this by offering its members thought leadership, innovative lifelong learning opportunities to help them develop new skills, enhance their credibility and connect with a strong network of professionals. The organization sets the standards of professional excellence and ethical conduct for the public relations industry. PRSA collectively represents more than 30,000 members consisting of communications professionals spanning every industry sector nationwide and college and university students who encompass the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). #PR #PublicRelations#ProfessionalDevelopment

Kyle Golding is an Oklahoma visual artist and founder of The Golding Group, an award-winning think tank of business process management (BPM) and marketing integration experts. Despite growing a successful business, he is also able to pursue his painting passion and succeed in that area as well. “I’ve been creative most of my life, in the music business as a professional & transitioning to visual arts,” he said. “The biggest advantage is that most people who live in Oklahoma live in a house. That means you can create a studio in a garage or spare room. That affordability of housing makes a big difference.” by Heide Brandes – for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

IABC-OKC Guest Speaker 8/4/16

Stop selling by features or price points. Tell a story, give an experience, create an attitude, embrace a lifestyle. Connect to your audience in deep, powerful ways for true loyalty. Let’s talk about how to make it happen on a regular basis.

Relationship-based content marketing can take your brand well past a logo and cutline to true fan club status. Watch the video for a ton of great information about how to best connect and create relationships with your best customer through your brand story: Simple, True, Consistent.

Kyle Golding

Kyle Golding is a born #BusinessBuilder with more than 30 years of experience building, owning and operating multiple businesses. Golding has positioned, marketed and managed artist, musicians, start-ups, corporations and non-profits to local, national and worldwide success. Golding has won over 30 business marketing awards and honors, including 6 IABC Bronze Quill Awards. Along with The Golding Group, he also owns Share Furniture, is a partner at 1219 Creative Co-Work Space + Art Gallery and has investments in multiple start-ups/venture projects. Golding was featured in the February 2016 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine aboutWhat It Takes To Be A Creative Entrepreneur.”

Unspoken Woman exhibition on display November – January

OKLAHOMA CITY: Ronna Pernell, professional fine artist from Oklahoma City, will present an exhibition of 22 new works of art in the North Gallery of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The exhibition, titled Unspoken Woman, will be on display Nov. 16th, 2015 through January 27th, 2016 on the 1st floor of the Oklahoma State Capitol building. A special artist reception will be held on Friday, November 20th from 5:00 to 8:30 pm with light refreshments from Rococo Catering. The event is free and open to the public.

Pernell uses the traditional technique of stippling, which is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots, to honor the story of all women and women of color. Pernell utilizes white ink on black paper to create her art, filling voids to create forms and faces. Each of her art pieces takes two months or more to complete. Examples of Pernell’s past works are available at

QR CodeThe exhibition will also utilize new technology to provide a recorded narration specific to each of the illustrations. Gallery guest will be able to use their smartphones to hear a description of each work and what it represents to the artist. This multimedia experience will be the first of its kind in a State Capitol gallery. The artwork and narration will be accessible on a show-specific website beginning Friday, November 20th at 5:00 coinciding with the artist reception. This unique combination of audio and visual art was a collaboration between Pernell, Kyle Golding of The Golding Group and wordsmith Barbara L. Eikner of Trabar & Associates, along with the narration of Dr. Melanie Bratcher, PhD. Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma.

The website was designed and built by The Golding Group. The full interactive site with artwork, recorded narratives and interactive elements will not be publicly available until the beginning of the artist reception on November 20th. The Capitol North Gallery will have QR Codes placed on each piece of art to allow show attendees to hear the recorded narratives while experiencing the art in person. A video of the opening event will also be posted on the Unspoken Woman website shortly after the event ends. The Golding Group will also be hosting several art and entertainment celebrities from Oklahoma City, Chicago and New York City during the evening of November 20th.

Unspoken Woman Dot Com

Pernell has specific reasons for making this exhibition special. “The Oklahoma Capitol North Gallery provides me the opportunity to empower women – to reach an audience of people who will began a conversation about the future of women in society. Unspoken Woman visually expresses the essence of every phase of a woman’s life from birth to death and accentuates the path in their journey called life. This story and message of this exhibition is autobiographical in some regards, but expresses the lives of many African-American women in society.”

Pernell’s Official Artist Statement for Unspoken Woman: This exhibition is not a history lesson or study of tribal activities. It will not unveil secrets of the dark continent left dormant for thousands of years or gender psychologies discovered by some unknown scientist. This exhibition is a moment in time to see/hear the voice of women that are suppressed across all civilizations of the earth yet resonates loudly through the lives of women of color.

R Pernell In Art Focus Spread

The State Capitol North Gallery is open from 8:00 am through 6:00 pm Monday – Friday and 9:00 am through 4:00 pm on weekends. All State Capitol galleries are curated by the Oklahoma Arts Council. For more information contact the Curator of Education and Capitol Galleries Alyson Aitchison.

The Oklahoma Arts Council supports the work of Oklahoma artists in part by presenting 60-day exhibitions of their artwork for thousands of students, visitors, and others to enjoy at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The Oklahoma Arts Council is the official state agency for the support and development of the arts. The Council’s mission is to lead, cultivate and support a thriving arts environment, which is essential to quality of life, education and economic vitality for all Oklahomans. The Council provides more than 500 grants to over 300 organizations in communities statewide each year, organizes professional development opportunities for the state’s arts and cultural industry, and manages hundreds of works of art in the public spaces of the state Capitol.


For more information, please contact:
Kyle Golding
The Golding Group
(405) 361-4927

Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about non-profit structure, communications and leadership.

Prepare to have your toughest questions answered and most complex issues explained in a direct, no-nonsense way. Get the solutions to your biggest non-profit issues with real world advice. In-house staff, supporters and agencies with non-profit clients will find this advice useful. Recorded 05/11/2015 in The Golding Group Oklahoma City Office at 1219 Creative.

Kyle Golding, CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group, is a proven expert with 20+ awards for cause marketing. His background includes multiple local and national non-profit boards, Creative Director for the United Way of Central Oklahoma and a founding board member of Inclusion In Art. 30% of The Golding Group client list are non-profit organizations, including Oklahoma Zoological Society, CASA of Oklahoma County, Edmond Fine Arts Institute and many more.

AMA-OKC Special Interest Group
Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, are smaller communities within the chapter that focus on niche areas of marketing. AMA-OKC currently has SIGs covering Social Media, Financial Services and Non-Profit marketing. They also have a rotating topic SIG that changes each meeting to focus on a unique area not covered in the other three Special Interest Groups. Each SIG meets once  per quarter from 11:30am – 1:00pm. All SIGs are FREE to members to attend and $10 for non-members.

Bob “Pritch” Pritchard joins The Golding Group as Partner

The Golding Group announced today the addition of Bob “Pritch” Pritchard, APR, Fellow PRSA, as Partner and Chief Strategic Counsel. Pritchard brings more than 40 years experience in public relations and will provide “big picture” communications thinking and executive mentoring to the firm.

“It’s rare to find someone of Pritch’s experience and talent so we jumped on the opportunity to add him to the team,” said Kyle Golding, The Golding Group CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist. “With experience across the breadth and depth of public relations and strategic communications, Pritch really rounds out what the Golding Group is able to offer clients.”

A member of the public relations faculty in the Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma, “Pritch” has more than 25 years experience as a public affairs officer in the U.S. Navy and more than 15 years experience as a public relations educator. An expert in crisis communication, he has published articles and presented papers in a number of national publications and been the subject of dozens of interviews following the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. In 2002, as the crisis communications expert on The Rendon Group training team under DOD contract, Pritchard assisted the Colombian Armed Forces General Staff in developing a crisis communications structure and process to help them improve their crisis management capabilities. He also trained key members of the Colombian Armed Forces General Staff, Colombian Chief of the Air Force staff and Colombian Chief of Naval Operations staff on how that structure and process worked and on the principles of effective crisis communications.

In recognition of his contributions as a role model and the advancement of the public relations profession, Pritchard was inducted into the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) College of Fellows in 2004, a distinction shared by fewer than two percent of the 20,000 members.

Pritchard has served on more than a dozen national Public Relations Society of America committees and task forces. He’s the 2011- 2015 PRSSA National Faculty Adviser, been a member of the PRSA Educational Affairs committee since 2005 and is a past chair of the Educators Academy. He’s been a member of the International Public Relations Research Conference executive board since 2008.

At the local level Pritchard has served as professional development and ethics chair for the Hoosier PRSA Chapter and as accreditation chair for the OKC PRSA Chapter.

Pritchard has been a Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Faculty Adviser for more than 15 years. He currently serves in that capacity for the Stewart Harral PRSSA Chapter in the Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma and as Faculty Adviser for Lindsey + Asp, the nationally affiliated student-operated advertising, public relations and digital agency in the Gaylord College.

Once again, two of our favorite projects from the last year have been recognized by our communications industry peers for excellence in communications. These projects include managing the redesign of the Edmond Fine Arts website and the #RococosCrabCakes promotion from the Rococo Northpark 2.5 year anniversary party.
Both have won awards in the past (AMA Marketini) and have now been recognized by PRSA-OKC for excellence in planning and execution. Special Thanks to our clients  Rococo RestaurantsEdmond Fine Arts and website partners T&S Web Design.
GG 2014 PRSAs

“So, are you a phone app company now?”

We have enjoyed a lot of attention since releasing the Keep Me Posted! smartphone app last month. Overall, the public has been very receptive to the private family communications app and our efforts to publicize its availability. A few people in the marketing and public relations industry have been a little confused by our sudden jump into mobile technology.

I though The Golding Group was doing strategic planning, not phone apps.

When did you get into app development?

What made you decide to do something so different?

So, are you an app company now?

The short answer is No, we are not and we still are focused on strategy and positioning. The long answer is the Keep Me Posted! app project is exactly the type of services we offer our clients. Full service project management, product development and market entry strategies. Plenty of developers can build you a smartphone app or website, but it takes real experts to get you from drawing board to success quickly and efficiently. That’s exactly what The Golding Group does.

For this project, we worked with the developers at Levant Technologies to design the user interface while managing timeline and budget. We also test marketed the concept, name and branding. We identified the primary and secondary target markets and created an introduction, rollout and eventual monetization strategy. We managed the legal protection of the concept, branding and technology.

Finally, we conducted beta testing before a public release. We incorporated public relations, customer serve and social media into an initial push while collecting feedback for technical and usability issues. We will continue these effort and eventually incorporate placed advertising, potential partner direct communications and 3rd party integration negotiations.

As you can see, we didn’t move away from our core competencies, we found a product that needed all our full skill set plus collaboration and creativity. These situations do not come along often, but it sure is fun when it does.

KyleAppJRstoryStop what you’re doing right now and download the Keep Me Posted! app. It’s free to download and free to use. Give us feedback, spread the word and help others (or yourself) by making the crisis communications process easier to manage.

If you have an idea, product or service you want to take from paper to market, contact us.

New Product Announcement: The Keep Me Posted Smartphone App

After months in development and weeks in beta testing, the Keep Me Posted! Smartphone App is now available for (free) download on iTunes and Google Play for Android. Keep Me Posted! is the first private family communication app designed specifically for medical emergencies or other sensitive events. Take control of family communication by using the Keep Me Posted! app. Avoid the confusion of group texts, separate e-mails and repetitive phone calls with one simple setup. Inform all the important people in your life with a single update.

The Golding Group developed the app in partnership with Levant Technologies LLC. on behalf of our clients, an Angel Investment group. We are truly excited to bring this new and beneficial smartphone app to the market to better help families manage communications during stressful and sensitive times.

The app is free to download and free to use. Click one of the links above to get yours today. Also, give KMP! a “Like” on Facebook, a “Follow” on Twitter or click this link to watch a 2 minute video about the KMP! app.

On a personal note, we all have had family and friends who have spent time in the hospital or even long-term care. Sometimes planned, often not, these events are private, sensitive in nature and stressful on loved ones. This is the reason the KMP! app was created, to help ease some of the stress of keeping everyone “in the loop” without letting too much information out or losing control of the message.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 7.58.44 AM
A special shout-out to our friend Mike Hoang for referring to project to us. We owe you big time Mike.

#OKCJingleMingle Was A Huge Success

Wow, what a great time we all had last week at the OKC Jingle Mingle. With the help of Ad Club, AMA-OKC, PRSA-OKC, IABC-OKC, AWC-OKC and OKC Social the party raised over $5,000 for the Dream Fund and 80+ coats for Salvation Army. We are so proud to have played a small role in this event along with all the other sponsors, volunteers and those who donated cash/prizes.

Most of all, we are proud to be a part of the OKC MarComm community. Please take a minute to watch this short video (from Trifecta) about the Dream Fund and all they do for Advertising, Public Relations and Media professionals in times of need.

The committee is already hard at work planning next years event, and maybe a summer event as well. Thanks again OKC!


Here are just a few pics from the event: