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We can develop the right strategy for your event, design the support elements and manage the process (a little, a lot or the whole thing) for you. Contact us:

Hiring A Mobile App Developer (PT) In Our OKC Office

Are you a rock star web and mobile app developer? Ready to make a name for yourself in tech. startup? Need a cool place to work, professional guidance and killer projects to show off your code writing skills? Don’t just get a boring job, start an adventure with The Golding Group.

We have multiple projects (current and potential) that need a professional developer to work with our product development team on a part-time, freelance or project basis. We’re looking for someone open-minded and fearless who wants to work in the flexible and creative environment of our 1219 Creative office in OKC. We don’t need you fill-time (yet) so you can keep current projects or freelance work going for now. In fact, we’re willing to help you with advice and resources. That’s just how we roll. Here are the details:

Skills Needed:

  • Develop, test and support code for mobile apps on Apple and Android platforms
  • Create new mobile and web user interfaces
  • Setup, transfer and maintain servers and other necessary technology
  • Troubleshooting, debugging and managing current and future code

What We Provide:

  • Awesome place to work
  • Flexible schedule
  • Current and future projects with development and marketing support
  • Salary based on experience and project scope
  • Career development

If you’re ready to add cutting edge projects to your portfolio, win some awards and work with cool people while keeping your current projects then please email us with some information about yourself, your portfolio and any questions you might have. The Golding Group is not a traditional agency or tech firm, so ask questions and tell us what you’re looking for in a working relationship.

Always Happy To Collaborate!

Hopefully by now you have noticed our favorite word: Collaboration. Working with great professionals, community leaders and fresh, out-of-the-box thinkers always elevates a project.

No project has benefited more from collaboration than the Keep Me Posted! app. This project consisted of many part and many players, not just The Golding Group. You can’t create something this great without help.

First, our friend Mike Hoàng contacted us about helping a friend of his with a project. Mike is a marketing professional, networking machine and MMA fighter who also spends time inspiring others to be their best. Mike realized this project was not a perfect fit for him, but knew we might be a good match. Mike set up the first meeting and helped everyone involved understand the project. A true professional, Mike put the client and project first.

The next part of the equation is the client. An angel investor group of medical and legal professionals who wanted to get their idea into the world, these ladies were not interested in becoming “the next big thing in tech” but in helping families during stressful situations like medical emergencies. Like most people, they knew firsthand how hard a hospital stay can be on a family. The client had ideas, vision and passion to make it happen but no expertise in technology development, marketing, market identification or monetization. That was our job.

We started by developing the concept into a workable idea, creating a timeline and setting a budget. We conducted market research to see if the idea was viable and economically feasible. We defined the target audience, created a position statement and designed their branding. All of that took working with focus groups, communications professionals and other business pros to find the best path for this new venture. Many of you probably helped by answering our survey questions or feedback request.

Next came actually producing a functional smartphone app. This part of the collaboration features Levant Technologies in Norman, OK. We worked side-by-side with the guys and girls at Levant through a multi-month development process to get Keep Me Posted! from the drawing board to iTunes/Android Market.

This work process is the part we truly love. Asking questions, creating expectations and trying new ideas = a better mousetrap. In this case, a smartphone app that is the first to be specifically designed for private, small group (family and close friends) communication with multiple updates related to medical events. This is a new segment in the phone app market, so we all had to work hard and stay focused to keep on time and budget. Breaking new ground can be a very daunting task.

In the end, this collaboration has resulted in a very exciting product. The initial reviews have all been positive, and in almost 90 day we have only had no technical glitch to speak of. Everyone involved in this collaboration is excited to see what happens next for the Keep Me Posted! app. We hope it leads to more projects that will allow us to collaborate with great professionals like Mike Hoàng and of course great clients.

If you have a project you want to collaborate on, need help with or just ask for advice please contact us.

“So, are you a phone app company now?”

We have enjoyed a lot of attention since releasing the Keep Me Posted! smartphone app last month. Overall, the public has been very receptive to the private family communications app and our efforts to publicize its availability. A few people in the marketing and public relations industry have been a little confused by our sudden jump into mobile technology.

I though The Golding Group was doing strategic planning, not phone apps.

When did you get into app development?

What made you decide to do something so different?

So, are you an app company now?

The short answer is No, we are not and we still are focused on strategy and positioning. The long answer is the Keep Me Posted! app project is exactly the type of services we offer our clients. Full service project management, product development and market entry strategies. Plenty of developers can build you a smartphone app or website, but it takes real experts to get you from drawing board to success quickly and efficiently. That’s exactly what The Golding Group does.

For this project, we worked with the developers at Levant Technologies to design the user interface while managing timeline and budget. We also test marketed the concept, name and branding. We identified the primary and secondary target markets and created an introduction, rollout and eventual monetization strategy. We managed the legal protection of the concept, branding and technology.

Finally, we conducted beta testing before a public release. We incorporated public relations, customer serve and social media into an initial push while collecting feedback for technical and usability issues. We will continue these effort and eventually incorporate placed advertising, potential partner direct communications and 3rd party integration negotiations.

As you can see, we didn’t move away from our core competencies, we found a product that needed all our full skill set plus collaboration and creativity. These situations do not come along often, but it sure is fun when it does.

KyleAppJRstoryStop what you’re doing right now and download the Keep Me Posted! app. It’s free to download and free to use. Give us feedback, spread the word and help others (or yourself) by making the crisis communications process easier to manage.

If you have an idea, product or service you want to take from paper to market, contact us.

Official Press Release: Keep Me Posted! App

Download the PDF, or read below.


Keep Me Posted! Smartphone App For Private Family Communication for Medical Emergencies Or Other Sensitive Events Now Available.

Oklahoma City, OK – March 19, 2014
The Golding Group, along with development partners Levant Technologies, have released the first smartphone app specifically designed for private and secure family communication during medical or other emergency situations. The Keep Me Posted! app simplifies text, e-mail and push notifications to quickly relay messages with multiple updates, changes in status or other information. Smartphone users can communicate all the details of a medical emergency or hospital stay to those who need to know with a single update.

Two friends make trips to the ER. One for her child, the other with her senior parent. Both find themselves on the phone (voice and text) informing family and close friends while trying to talk with doctors and nurses, keep everyone calm and make sure their loved one was being cared for. The pair need a way to safely and easily “Keep Me Posted” during a simple visit to the ER or and extended hospital stay. This app does just that.

Social media platforms are not designed for private group communications, but public posts and change security and privacy settings on a regular basis. Group texts can be hard to manage and many cellular plans charge for sending/receiving text messages. Other group messaging apps are designed for social interaction and not privacy. The Keep Me Posted! App is designed specifically to keep sensitive communications private such as emergencies, accidents, surgeries, hospital stays, illness and ongoing care. Keep Me Posted is free to download and free to use.

“It is so incredibly hard to keep everyone updated, not forgetting anyone, when your loved one is going through an emergency or even updates on a planned surgery. You get so focused on your loved one and forget about everyone else.”
– Brooke McKenzie, Mom and Keep Me Posted! fan

Download the free app. Create an “Event” (i.e. Mom’s Fall or Bob’s Surgery), open up a contact list and invite family and close friends to receive updates. Those invited can download the app to automatically receive push notifications or do nothing and receive updates via text or e-mail.

The administrator (person who created the event) can send updates, status reports and create groups so only family members gets the most sensitive, private information while others receive less detailed updates. All invited users can use the bulletin board feature to post information without sending push notifications (only the administrator can do that).

Keep Me Posted! app is available via iTunes or Google Play for Android. These links are on the website as well as on Facebook: KeepMePostedApp, Twitter: @KeepPostedApp and an instructional video on YouTube: Keep Me Posted! App.

For more information about the Keep Me Posted! app, please contact:
Kyle Golding at The Golding Group
1219 N. Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK

The Golding Group provides highly effective strategic planning, communications and process development for business and non-profit organizations with a focus on growth and longevity.

Find us on Facebook: StrategicBusinessGrowth or Twitter: @GoldingGroup.


New Product Announcement: The Keep Me Posted Smartphone App

After months in development and weeks in beta testing, the Keep Me Posted! Smartphone App is now available for (free) download on iTunes and Google Play for Android. Keep Me Posted! is the first private family communication app designed specifically for medical emergencies or other sensitive events. Take control of family communication by using the Keep Me Posted! app. Avoid the confusion of group texts, separate e-mails and repetitive phone calls with one simple setup. Inform all the important people in your life with a single update.

The Golding Group developed the app in partnership with Levant Technologies LLC. on behalf of our clients, an Angel Investment group. We are truly excited to bring this new and beneficial smartphone app to the market to better help families manage communications during stressful and sensitive times.

The app is free to download and free to use. Click one of the links above to get yours today. Also, give KMP! a “Like” on Facebook, a “Follow” on Twitter or click this link to watch a 2 minute video about the KMP! app.

On a personal note, we all have had family and friends who have spent time in the hospital or even long-term care. Sometimes planned, often not, these events are private, sensitive in nature and stressful on loved ones. This is the reason the KMP! app was created, to help ease some of the stress of keeping everyone “in the loop” without letting too much information out or losing control of the message.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 7.58.44 AM
A special shout-out to our friend Mike Hoang for referring to project to us. We owe you big time Mike.