Golding Group CEO Kyle Golding interviewed by Ann Brown for The Network Journal.
December 1st, 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-1-49-27-pmYour lifestyle is your unique experience. And that experience is brandable. That’s what Amy Oestreicher found out. She has used her life experiences, good and bad, to inspire others. Today, Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, an artist, author, health advocate, as well as a TEDx speaker.

Like Oestreicher, many others can also brand their lifestyle. Here, Oestreicher gives the how-to–and why: Can you actually brand your lifestyle?

“Yes, you can brand anything that has substance to it (content that can be consumed or understood). Branding is simply explaining why someone should be interested in what you are presenting to them,” explains Kyle Golding of The Golding Group, a strategic growth services firm. How can you tell if your lifestyle is brand-able?

“You can research others doing the same or similar to what your lifestyle brand would/could be as a potential indicator, but you won’t know 100 percent what it is until you try it,” Golding points out. Why should you brand your lifestyle?

“Branding your lifestyle is creating potential influential or economic value from something you are already doing, have access to and are paying for. The benefit of documenting and sharing is completely value added, but only if the lifestyle is completely authentic to you. You must actually live this lifestyle. Sports, arts, travel, business or other topic that you legitimately are engaged in before creating a brand around it. You can try to fake it, but the public will figure you out eventually,” says Golding. Three steps on branding your lifestyle

1. Who are you? Who do you want to reach? “Define what your lifestyle is and why an audience would be attracted, who that audience is (and is not),” advises Golding.

2. How will you reach your audience? “Choose your platforms (Twitter, Instagram, website, etc.), your tactics (text, photos, video, etc.), and your ‘brand voice” (serious, sexy, funny, authoritarian, etc.),” offers Golding.

3. Reach out. “Start documenting, sharing and engaging your potential audience,” says Golding.

IABC-OKC Guest Speaker 8/4/16

Stop selling by features or price points. Tell a story, give an experience, create an attitude, embrace a lifestyle. Connect to your audience in deep, powerful ways for true loyalty. Let’s talk about how to make it happen on a regular basis.

Relationship-based content marketing can take your brand well past a logo and cutline to true fan club status. Watch the video for a ton of great information about how to best connect and create relationships with your best customer through your brand story: Simple, True, Consistent.

Kyle Golding

Kyle Golding is a born #BusinessBuilder with more than 30 years of experience building, owning and operating multiple businesses. Golding has positioned, marketed and managed artist, musicians, start-ups, corporations and non-profits to local, national and worldwide success. Golding has won over 30 business marketing awards and honors, including 6 IABC Bronze Quill Awards. Along with The Golding Group, he also owns Share Furniture, is a partner at 1219 Creative Co-Work Space + Art Gallery and has investments in multiple start-ups/venture projects. Golding was featured in the February 2016 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine aboutWhat It Takes To Be A Creative Entrepreneur.”

Golding Group Creative Execution Music Video Demo

Video highlights of our creative execution over the last 4 years. Building a business is serious work, but you need creativity to be successful in today’s market. You know our motto: #WorkSmart then #WorkHardThis is how we show you we mean what we say. Modern communication is creative, interesting and informative. But, you can’t inform if you can’t get/keep attention.

Join our CEO Kyle Golding for serious marketing + casual conversation + cold brew at Beers And Branding on August 18th at the Tower Theater in OKC. Informal, high-level discussion about branding and audience development with a focus on alternative tactics and digital tools best suited for modern audiences. Professionals informing professionals while enjoying a local beverage from Anthem Brewing Co

Join us for an informative brand and audience building round-table hosted by Kyle Golding in the casual setting of Tower Studio (home of the WAFTI podcast). We’re going to challenge traditional ideas of marketing, providing new and interesting ideas and insights into strategy, tactics and measurement. The audience will very much be part of the conversation. Ask questions, get answers and add your thoughts to the mix.

Seating will be limited (25) to ensure a quality experience and plenty of Anthem beer for all attendees. This free quarterly event will sell out, all attendees must reserve their spot on has Sold Out, but you can get on our Waiting List for possible tickets or cancellations, information about our next event and other insider only communications. Each hour-long event will also be live streamed and recorded, but that won’t get you free beer. Attendees will be treaded to Anthem Brewing and/or Ozarka water as our treat for participating.

Sign up for the #BeersAndBranding e-new here for updates and the latest info. about our next event in November.

This is not “how we’ve always done it” marketing advice. Grab a beer and let’s talk about branding on a whole new level. A project of Naked City OKC.

Once again, two of our favorite projects from the last year have been recognized by our communications industry peers for excellence in communications. These projects include managing the redesign of the Edmond Fine Arts website and the #RococosCrabCakes promotion from the Rococo Northpark 2.5 year anniversary party.
Both have won awards in the past (AMA Marketini) and have now been recognized by PRSA-OKC for excellence in planning and execution. Special Thanks to our clients  Rococo RestaurantsEdmond Fine Arts and website partners T&S Web Design.
GG 2014 PRSAs

Winning Results Driven Awards (Again)

We’ve said it before, but it’s relevant once again: Winning awards is nice, but…. it’s all about the work you do for your client that counts. Happy clients with growing, sustainable business is the best way to land that next great client or project.

In our first year as The Golding Group, we aggressively entered (and won) a lot of marketing/advertising/design competitions in an effort to demonstrate our professionalism and dedication to excellence. In our second year, we decide to do less awards events, but produced much more high quality, award worth work. This year, we have actively decided to only enter a select few events that are results driven only.

We’re not interested in beauty pageants. It doesn’t matter if the execution is exceptional without the right strategy in place for your position in the market. Pretty is boring! Make sure it actually works.

We are very proud to have received three more marketing awards this past week. The Golding Group took home 2 Awards of Excellence and 1 Award of Merit from the Oklahoma City Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMAOKC). The Marketini’s as they are called, is based on Insight, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Budget/ROI and most importantly (largest part of the score) Results.

Special thanks to our clients and collaborators, they’re the people who allow us to pull of amazing work like this. As always say, Take care of your clients needs, and success will follow.


Official Press Release: Keep Me Posted! App

Download the PDF, or read below.


Keep Me Posted! Smartphone App For Private Family Communication for Medical Emergencies Or Other Sensitive Events Now Available.

Oklahoma City, OK – March 19, 2014
The Golding Group, along with development partners Levant Technologies, have released the first smartphone app specifically designed for private and secure family communication during medical or other emergency situations. The Keep Me Posted! app simplifies text, e-mail and push notifications to quickly relay messages with multiple updates, changes in status or other information. Smartphone users can communicate all the details of a medical emergency or hospital stay to those who need to know with a single update.

Two friends make trips to the ER. One for her child, the other with her senior parent. Both find themselves on the phone (voice and text) informing family and close friends while trying to talk with doctors and nurses, keep everyone calm and make sure their loved one was being cared for. The pair need a way to safely and easily “Keep Me Posted” during a simple visit to the ER or and extended hospital stay. This app does just that.

Social media platforms are not designed for private group communications, but public posts and change security and privacy settings on a regular basis. Group texts can be hard to manage and many cellular plans charge for sending/receiving text messages. Other group messaging apps are designed for social interaction and not privacy. The Keep Me Posted! App is designed specifically to keep sensitive communications private such as emergencies, accidents, surgeries, hospital stays, illness and ongoing care. Keep Me Posted is free to download and free to use.

“It is so incredibly hard to keep everyone updated, not forgetting anyone, when your loved one is going through an emergency or even updates on a planned surgery. You get so focused on your loved one and forget about everyone else.”
– Brooke McKenzie, Mom and Keep Me Posted! fan

Download the free app. Create an “Event” (i.e. Mom’s Fall or Bob’s Surgery), open up a contact list and invite family and close friends to receive updates. Those invited can download the app to automatically receive push notifications or do nothing and receive updates via text or e-mail.

The administrator (person who created the event) can send updates, status reports and create groups so only family members gets the most sensitive, private information while others receive less detailed updates. All invited users can use the bulletin board feature to post information without sending push notifications (only the administrator can do that).

Keep Me Posted! app is available via iTunes or Google Play for Android. These links are on the website as well as on Facebook: KeepMePostedApp, Twitter: @KeepPostedApp and an instructional video on YouTube: Keep Me Posted! App.

For more information about the Keep Me Posted! app, please contact:
Kyle Golding at The Golding Group
1219 N. Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK

The Golding Group provides highly effective strategic planning, communications and process development for business and non-profit organizations with a focus on growth and longevity.

Find us on Facebook: StrategicBusinessGrowth or Twitter: @GoldingGroup.


Latest Project: NEW website for the Edmond Fine Arts Institute

We are ending 2013 with a bang! Introducing the all NEW and very much improved website for our friends at the Edmond Fine Arts Institute:

We have spent the last year working on a variety of projects for FAI including a smooth transition of executive directors (long time E.D. Mitzi Hancuff retired, Shannon Price took over), fundraising, marketing and improving their online presence with increased social media and a brand new website.

FAI Website

The NEW and Improved FAI website

The new site was designed to be easy to navigate, presenting lots of information in a variety of ways. The FAI has a lot of things happening at any given time. Classes for kids and adults, theatre performances, camps, workshops and gallery shows. FAI also manages art programs for the Edmond public schools and Edmond juvenile court system.

This amazing place of creative learning has been one of Edmond’s best kept secrets for almost 30 years. We plan to let all of Edmond, OKC and entire area know all about the great work they do.

Unfortunately, the old website was restrictive, dated and not user-friendly. With activity changing weekly at FAI, the staff needed a platform that was easy to manage and update. We took a hard look at class enrollment, marketing and internal processes needs to find the best uses of online resources for FAI.

OLD home page

The OLD homepage.

Next came design. With so much going on at FAI, we needed to make the design dynamic, intuitive and encompassing. The main function of the website is for students enrolling in classes, so this became priority number one. We also wanted to give the FAI staff more online options for presenting class list, catalogs and fundraising resources to eliminate printing and mailing cost. We took our concept, ideas and design sketches to our friends at T&S Web Design in Edmond for their construction skills and online registration expertise. Tim and his crew made managing the process a breeze.

We still have things to add, tweak and edit (like any website) but overall, we could not be more thrilled with the finished product. Please take a minute to visit and learn all about the great work they do. You might even sign up for an art class (for you or your kids), see a play or visit the art gallery.

Golding Group Social Media Shares for 12/16 – 12/31