The Golding Group

The Golding Group partnered with the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma to create a new business model and strategy with updated processes to lead the 88-year-old non-profit organization into the future of business development, communication and technology.

BBB of Central Oklahoma President Kitt Letcher details the successful partnership and how working with us has benefited the organization.

“My name is Kitt Letcher. I am the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Oklahoma. We work with businesses here in Oklahoma to make them better every single day.

The Golding Group helped us look at our entire business and look at it holistically, transforming it to be a new, current, modern BBB but also helps us thrive as an organization. For us, it’s been a really exciting process.

The thing that I love most about working with The Golding Group is that I know I’m going to get really honest feedback. I’m going to get information that helps us do better and that makes us better as an organization and what is going to keep us moving forward for the next hundred years. I think that’s what every business owner wants. That’s how we make progress.

It’s been a great process for us and one I would really recommend.”

The Golding Group is proud to collaborate with our partners DD Audio to present the #SpeakerSeries at Project 3810. Session Two featured Doug Iske, Owner of plus a bonus StartUpOKC Happy Hour.
DD Audio is much more than just car stereo speakers. Introducing a new live event for the creative community, the DD Audio 2018 “Speaker” Series. Twice a year, DD Audio will invite interesting and exciting people to talk with audiences about visionary marketing tactics, the use of technology and innovative approaches to starting or running a small business, personal brand or passion project.
Our second DD Audio Speaker Series event featured e-commerce expert Doug Iske, Owner of the internet’s leading site for premium jerky and meat snacks since 1998. Iske was interviewed by Kyle Golding, CEO of The Golding Group. 

Iske is an entrepreneur and highly skilled Internet marketer, selling jerky online for several years with great success. He has now turned his e-commerce business into two brick-and-mortar stores in Midtown and Chisholm Creek. A native of Nebraska, Iske started in Wichita Falls, Texas but moved the company to Oklahoma City in 2010.
Golding is an award-winning creative professional with 30+ years of business experience. He is known for his No BS style of communicating as the host of the Beers And Branding live events, co-host of the #NeoMarketing podcast and his #SaturdayMorningHustle podcast and social media video series.
Before the Speaker Series interview, StartUpOKC hosted a casual Happy Hour of food and free craft beer provided by Deep Fork Technology. StartUpOKC is where Oklahoma City comes to build skills, meet incredible people and launch successful startups.

Golding Group Creative Execution Music Video Demo

Video highlights of our creative execution over the last 4 years. Building a business is serious work, but you need creativity to be successful in today’s market. You know our motto: #WorkSmart then #WorkHardThis is how we show you we mean what we say. Modern communication is creative, interesting and informative. But, you can’t inform if you can’t get/keep attention.


Rococo Restaurants Music Video 2016-2017

Check out the cool new “music video” we made for Rococo Restaurant & Fine Wine and Catering in OKC. This one really rocks. We love working with the great folks at Rococo. We love working with creative clients who let us do what we do.

Oklahoma AIDS Care Behind The Scenes Video

We are proud to support OK AIDS Care Fund by collaborating w/ @undrellmaholmes and @versaphotovic on this @redtienight 2017 Behind The Scenes video for the 25th anniversary of OKC’s biggest and best fundraiser.

IABC-OKC Guest Speaker 8/4/16

Stop selling by features or price points. Tell a story, give an experience, create an attitude, embrace a lifestyle. Connect to your audience in deep, powerful ways for true loyalty. Let’s talk about how to make it happen on a regular basis.

Relationship-based content marketing can take your brand well past a logo and cutline to true fan club status. Watch the video for a ton of great information about how to best connect and create relationships with your best customer through your brand story: Simple, True, Consistent.

Kyle Golding

Kyle Golding is a born #BusinessBuilder with more than 30 years of experience building, owning and operating multiple businesses. Golding has positioned, marketed and managed artist, musicians, start-ups, corporations and non-profits to local, national and worldwide success. Golding has won over 30 business marketing awards and honors, including 6 IABC Bronze Quill Awards. Along with The Golding Group, he also owns Share Furniture, is a partner at 1219 Creative Co-Work Space + Art Gallery and has investments in multiple start-ups/venture projects. Golding was featured in the February 2016 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine aboutWhat It Takes To Be A Creative Entrepreneur.”

Join our CEO Kyle Golding for serious marketing + casual conversation + cold brew at Beers And Branding on August 18th at the Tower Theater in OKC. Informal, high-level discussion about branding and audience development with a focus on alternative tactics and digital tools best suited for modern audiences. Professionals informing professionals while enjoying a local beverage from Anthem Brewing Co

Join us for an informative brand and audience building round-table hosted by Kyle Golding in the casual setting of Tower Studio (home of the WAFTI podcast). We’re going to challenge traditional ideas of marketing, providing new and interesting ideas and insights into strategy, tactics and measurement. The audience will very much be part of the conversation. Ask questions, get answers and add your thoughts to the mix.

Seating will be limited (25) to ensure a quality experience and plenty of Anthem beer for all attendees. This free quarterly event will sell out, all attendees must reserve their spot on has Sold Out, but you can get on our Waiting List for possible tickets or cancellations, information about our next event and other insider only communications. Each hour-long event will also be live streamed and recorded, but that won’t get you free beer. Attendees will be treaded to Anthem Brewing and/or Ozarka water as our treat for participating.

Sign up for the #BeersAndBranding e-new here for updates and the latest info. about our next event in November.

This is not “how we’ve always done it” marketing advice. Grab a beer and let’s talk about branding on a whole new level. A project of Naked City OKC.

Inclusion in Art presents the In COLOR Film Festival on Saturday 10/24/15 at Paramount OKC on Film Row. In COLOR celebrates the contributions of works by filmmakers of color and films that celebrate multiculturalism. Details about times, films and to purchase tickets are here (click).

The FREE afternoon matinée features short films created by students in our Teen REACH youth filmmakers program. This will be followed by a panel discussion by participating students, facilitators and volunteers to discuss the benefits of the program.

Teen Reach by Inclusion In Art is a life skills and job skills training program for junior high and high school students through the complete production of a short theatrical film in a professional work environment. Students in the Teen Reach program concept, write, storyboard, shoot and act in a short film. These students work in each position on the film crew: pre-production, writing, acting, directing and production.

Teen Reach students learn brainstorming, collaboration and teamwork for creating their own future productions or for working in most career fields. Teen Reach youth overcome doubts and fears of leading others, taking constructive criticism and public speaking on camera. Each group of students sees a project from start to finish with ownership and initiative.

Teen Reach facilitators, all Oklahoma professional film makers and creative field experts, guide the students on the project but empower them to make decisions and solve problems on their own. These skills and experiences allow the students to consider creative career choices that they wouldn’t have otherwise, due to where they are from, where they live or what they look like. Most Teen Reach students start the program with no thought of having a career in film production, but soon learn how possible that can be. This new outlook on school, career and life along with new skills and a sense of accomplishment can lead to great things in their future.

This is why Inclusion In Art started the Teen Reach program, the only program of it’s kind in our area. Teen Reach (and all programs of Inclusion In Art) can’t exist without the support of our working partners, sponsors, granting organizations, members and individuals just like yourself. Please consider supporting Inclusion In Art programming by buying an individual, family or artist membership, sponsoring an event or by making a tax-deductible donation.

In COLOR Indie Film Festival

After the panel and short intermission, we will be showcasing films created by talented independent professional filmmakers from Oklahoma and beyond! Tickets needed for 4:00-8:00pm films and after party:

  • 4:00-4:08pm Project Unlabeled: I Define Me (digital story telling) by Valerie Vaughn Rated G Talk 4:10-4:20pm
  • 4:25-4:55pm My Father John Doe (documentary) by Kel Mcqueen PG Talk 5:00-5:10pm
  • 5:15-5:35pm Clayfist (drama) by Skyler Lawson Rated PG-13 mature adult theme
  • 5:40-5:55pm Toxin (action adventure) by Robert Parham R rated violence, some strong language 5:40-5:55pm Talk 6:00-6:10pm
  • 6:15-6:25pm Kill Shift (sci fi) by Marlon Ladd PG-13 violence, strong language Talk 6:30-6:40pm
  • 6:45-6:55pm Deviants (comedy) by Melissa Sue Lopez R rated crude adult humor, sexual innuendo Talk 7:00-7:10pm
  • 7:15:-8:00pm Violet (horror) by Mark Jackson 45 minutes Rated PG-13 Talk 8:05-8:15pm

The In COLOR celebration concludes with a special social gathering with filmmakers, Inclusion In Art board members and supporters like you. We promise great food, a cash bar and DJ Mass to conclude this eclectic evening! Dress for In COLOR is party-business casual. For an itinerary of programming planned for In COLOR, visit our website at