Introducing the “What You Can Learn From…..” Blog Series

A year or so ago, I did an Ignite OKC presentation “Everything I Know About Starting A Business I Learned From Riding A Motorcycle” with 10 comparisons between being the boss and riding a hog (Harley for those who don’t know). Since then, I have been working on a follow-up from details I notice either in a client meeting or riding on the highway.

That follow-up will be the beginning of a new monthly blog series from The Golding Group focused on various ways you can develop yourself and your business from lessons learned in unusual and interesting ways. Some of the planned topics include marketing from Muhammad Ali, leadership from the family dog and how your family is a lot like your business.


These are just a few of the monthly topics we plan to cover, and we would love to hear your thoughts on each of the topics, feedback and ideas. Our goal is to find new and exciting ways to help you and your business grow in 2014 and beyond.

Watch the original presentation video here.

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