Beers And Branding

Beers And Branding Live! February 9th, 2017 at the Tower Theater.
Networking Happy Hour 5:30pm / Livestream Keynote and Q&A with Kyle Golding 6:00 – 7:00pm
Beers And Branding is serious marketing + casual conversation + cold brew. Informal, high-level discussion about branding and audience development with a focus on alternative tactics and digital tools best suited for modern audiences. The discussion is lead by Golding Group CEO Kyle Golding, but audience input is essential. This is professionals informing professionals while enjoying a local beverage from Anthem Brewing Co. Watch the live stream video below.

Golding will answer questions, challenge traditional marketing ideas and provide practical advice for branding and communications professionals. This is not a traditional talking head speech, but a back-and-forth discussion about how to really get stuff done. Each session will include additional social media live streams and questions from the online audience as well. 
The #BeersAndBranding OKC 4th Quarter 2016 live stream video featuring Kyle Golding via YouTube.

Seating will be limited (35) to ensure a quality experience and plenty of Anthem beer for all attendees. Each hour-long event is live streamed and recorded, but that won’t get you free beer. Attendees will be treated to Anthem Brewing and/or Ozarka water as our treat for participating. This is not “how we’ve always done it” marketing advice. Grab a beer and let’s talk about branding on a whole new level. A project of Naked City OKC.
During the first Beers And Branding OKC on August 18th, Golding addressed ROI in the sharing economy, not needing a call-to-action, the difference between marketing and advertising plus much more. No punches were pulled, no excuses accepted and a lot of practical advice was given. The full hour+ Facebook steam video can be seen here.