Cher Golding’s Top 5 Tips for Nonprofits in 2012

1.  Properly Thank Donors Unfortunately I’ve seen some real mistakes regarding this tip. Fundraising isn’t easy, just ask the leaders of the over 12,000 nonprofits in Oklahoma. Time and resources are often the largest challenges nonprofits face. But… Read More

The Future of Business Communications

The question on everyone’s mind: What Next? With supercharged advances in technology and information flow, keeping current on the latest marketing techniques is almost a full time job. Some of the most exciting options for 2013 includes: Relationship… Read More

Expert Non-Profit Direct Mail Tips

Here are a few direct mail tips and techniques specifically for non-profit organizations. Contact us if you need more detailed information. Non-profit direct mail facts: $5.2 billion (estimated) amount in fundraising driven by non-catalog direct mail in 2010 91% of… Read More

Samuel Gordon Jewelers Goes BIG!

Anyone who knows Dan Gordon knows he has lot’s of great marketing ideas. Some are big, and others are really big. Dan asked us to work with TAG Watches to create something memorable for the superstore Samuel Gordon… Read More

Non-Profit Event Sponsorship Tips

I was participating in a recent League of American Orchestras roundtable when the question was asked “How do you secure sponsorship for smaller, non-signature events?”. The biggest hurdle seemed to be businesses approaching these request “only as a marketing opportunity”…. Read More