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5 Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Workday

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These strategies can boost productivity and reduce workplace frustrations.

Our favorite of the 5 top tips is from our own Felicite Moorman. Her suggestion is #3: Implement a “power hour”

Bulogic Felicite

As an alternative to breakfast with email, Felicite Moorman, CEO of BuLogics, which designs, builds and certifies wireless solutions for #IoT The Internet of Things, recommends everyone in the company take a “power hour” at 10 each morning.

“A power hour is a deep, uninterrupted dive into the hardest, most challenging thing on their list,” Moorman says. “Our mental energies are at their highest and everyone in accomplishment mode creates an intensity, and respect for that intensity that is palpable.”

She adds that even if you can’t do a team-wide power hour, the tactic provides a great way for individuals to get a feeling of efficacy and efficiency that lasts the whole day.

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