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Art Creates Positive Economics and a Better Community

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We work in two worlds, that often seem to be polar opposites. In reality, they are not that far apart: Art and Business. Some will tell you there is no place for creativity in business (just cold, hard facts) and others would say artist should not be concerned with commerce (cheapens the work)They would both be wrong.

In today’s world, you cannot have business without creativity nor artistic endeavors without economic support. The most powerful part of art in our lives is both can be reached at the same time.


That’s right, business benefits from art in our schools and communities.

  • According to a study released in 2010, nonprofit arts and cultural organizations have a $314.8 million impact on Oklahoma’s economy (The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations in Oklahoma). The study showed the industry supports 10,156 full-time equivalent jobs and generates over $29 million in state and local government revenues.*
  • Students with four years of arts education in high school score significantly higher on college entrance exams than students with little or no arts education.*
  • Arts education has been shown to increase performance in non-arts subjects like math and science. Other proven benefits include an increase in school attendance and civic engagement  and a decrease in anti-social behaviors.*
  • The arts help attract (and retain) young professionals, appeal to businesses and provide a setting where people want to live and raise families = Quality of Life.*

Overall, arts programs create better students, reduce crime, create economic opportunities and return $8+ for every dollar spend on programs like the Oklahoma Arts Council. In business speak, that’s significant ROI (Return on Investment).

As an artist, community supporters and business owners we see the value of the arts in Oklahoma (and beyond) and I hope you do to. It’s time to get involved. Call your local and state political leaders, volunteer, donate or support the arts by purchasing tickets to performance, visiting a gallery or buying something from a local artist. In return, we all see tax revenue, tourism, better students, cleaner community and a higher quality of life.

If your still not convinced, hit us up on twitter or comment on this blog post below and we will provide you truckloads of information and examples of the positive economic impact the arts has on modern society and show you ways to get involved. If you agree, “like” and share this post.

* Source

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