Breaking Our Own Rules Due To COVID-19 Impact

We have decided to break several of our long-developed “rules” and internal processes to offer products and services more suited to the needs of those who most need them and can benefit the most. Please contact us for details or to get started working together.

Now Accepting:

  • New clients (we’re always open to new clients, with very strict guidelines for full-service clients) 
  • Proposals for (very limited) spec work and venture partnerships (ownership % in exchange for services)  
  • Immediate and short-term project-based (business plans, marketing tactics, advertising design, etc.) clients
    • Not limited to full-service only clients 
  • Discounts and Deferred Payments:
    • 10% off for 1/2 down, payoff 1/2 when complete
    • 15% off for 1/2 down, payoff 1/2 on a monthly retainer
    • 20% off with monthly retainer, up to one year
    • 25% Pay 100% upfront, lock in the rate for additional services for up to 1 year (12 months from start date)
  • Online consulting (Zoom, Skype, etc.) Book Online Now
  • Referral and “Finder Fees
    • Discounts or cash incentives for new client introductions (we always offer this, just a reminder)
  • Marketing Packages
    • $100 Business or Marketing Plan Review with notes
    • $100 “Starting A Podcast” coaching session (Zoom)
    • $250 Business or Marketing Plan Review with consultation 
    • $500 Business or Marketing Plan Review and update with consultation
    • $1,000 Basic Startup Essentials
      • Checklist, social media account setups/integration, email marketing and simple WordPress website design/build, digital tool list, Free hosting and domain registration (first year), 6 months consulting 
    • $2,5000 Startup Essentials
      • Basic package + full WordPress website design/build, digital tool integration, strategy, brand integration, 12 months consulting

Contact us to make payment arrangements, or purchase an online gift card here.

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