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Business Process Management (BPM)

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An award-winning think tank of strategic planning, business process management (BPM) and marketing integration experts. Our focus is on growing organizations. We provide expertise in all phases of operation, specific to each of our client’s needs. Our creative, top-to-bottom approach is what makes working with The Golding Group a completely different experience.

Business Process Management (BPM) is a strategic approach to aligning company workflow, procedures, communication and human assets (talents) to create the most effective, efficient and manageable systems for sustainable business growth and longevity.

BPM creates the opportunity for constant improvement via communication, measurement and adjustment of internal and external processes. These improvements translate to efficiency in the development, creation and delivery of products and services. The potential benefits are lower cost to produce, fasters delivery/turn times, lower overhead, better profit margins, agility, multiple levels of leadership, consistent potential for growth and a positive attitude of innovation. A potential downside is the ‘over-thinking” of business processes with too much emphasis on finding savings or efficiencies that might not exist. BPM is hardest to incorporate in industries based chiefly on creativity and experimentation.

Challenge everything. Don’t allow for “sacred cow” processes or ideas that cannot be examined, challenged or changed. Never take the process personally. Some people misguidedly take challenges to their ideas as a reflection on their worth or intelligence. The result is more important than who had the idea. Communication is the key. Start all process development with how changes or improvements will be communicated to those who do the work. Don’t make assumptions. Spell out all ideas to minor levels.