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Since mid-February, we have been recommending business owners begin the process of Adapt, Adopt or Pivot business models due to COVID-19 impact on “business as usual”. As local, state and federal restrictions on essential/non-essential business, crowd sizes and social distancing have gotten more aggressive, the time to act to best position your business or non-profit organization to survive this period is right now. Like you, our business has been negatively affected by the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

First, we adapted all contracts with existing clients to best meet their financial situation in the face of new government restrictions. Next, we adapted our work process by canceling “office hours” events and adding options to our website to schedule all meetings via phone or Zoom. We adopted online payment options, including pre-paid gift cards.

Short of a pivot, we have decided to break several of our long-developed “rules” and internal processes to offer products and services more suited to the needs of those who affected by COVID-19 restrictions. This includes taking on new clients, RFPs, Proposals, Project-Based Clients, Products, Packages, Discount and Deferred Payments. For more information, check out this post or contact us.

  • Adopt: WFH and online conferencing 
  • Adapt: Curbside, carryout and delivery only. All sales via website or app for no contact pickup or home delivery
  • Pivot: Stop manufacturing traditional products to make medical, PPE and other emergency products 

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In September, our PR experts Pritch Pritchard, APR and Kyle Golding presented “Handling Crisis: The Power of Protocol” to the YMCA National CMO conference. The 90-minute talk explained the advantages of Crisis Communication Protocols vs. a traditional written plan. Here’s the Slide Deck:

An organizational crisis is a specific, unexpected and non- routine event or series of events that create high levels of uncertainty and simultaneously present an organization with both opportunities for and threats to its high-priority goals.

The presentation involves:

  • Basic Definition of a Crisis
  • Key Components
  • Definition
  • Differentiating
  • Defining the Environment
  • Planned vs.Unplanned
  • Stages of a Crisis
  • Basic Truths
  • Timing is Everything
  • Precursors for Success
  • Crisis Basics
  • Specific Guidelines 
  • Misconceptions Associated with Crisis Communications
  • Navigating a Crisis Quick and Efficient
  • Definition of Protocol
  • Protocol v. Plan
  • What Constitutes A Good Protocol?
  • Elements of a Protocol 
  • Ancillary Elements

Preparation for even unplanned crises starts well before the accident/incident. Time spent preparing today – in the calm – pays off in the heat of the fray. No matter how prepared you are…you will ALWAYS be surprised!


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The Golding Group is proud to announce our working relationship with Eyes Etc. high-end fashion eyewear retailer located in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma.

The Golding Group will be providing a suite of marketing services including new audience identification, customer relations, community outreach, social media, digital and traditional advertising and overall business development support. We look forward to working with owner Terry Furrh and Ophthalmologist Dr. Andrew Hubbard to provide the best customer service and top eyewear brand selection from known names like Costa, Face a Face, rag & bone, Tom Ford, Sospiri plus new and exclusive designers.

Eyes Etc. offers frames, cases and accessories you cannot get anywhere else in the state of Oklahoma along with on-site vision examinations, custom lens ordering, contact lens, repairs and fitting services.

Eyes Etc.
6508 N Western Ave
Nichols Hills, OK 73116
(405) 608-5353


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“I have worked with a lot of family businesses, some of them producing millions of dollars a year in revenue and supporting many family members as well as employing a good number of people in the community,” says Kyle Golding, CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group, a strategy, business process and communication integration think tank, so he knows through helping others that not having a plan could lead to failure.

“I come from a farming family, so I also know firsthand what happens when the head of a family business is no longer part of that business,” he said. “Without a plan in place, the business has a huge potential to suffer or fail.” That failure can cost a lot of people their jobs and affect the community as well. But a well-developed succession plan can create a much higher likelihood of the business continuing on successfully.

A succession plan helps transition a business to others for when the business owner is ready to leave the business – retirement, disability or an unexpected event such as serious illness or death. Whatever the reason, every business owner should have a plan in place to not only help transition the business but also help take full advantage of the value of the business. While vital, Golding said succession planning doesn’t have to be complicated.

“The process of adding succession planning, within a family or not, is not a complicated process for an operating business with a business plan, standard operating procedures and a defined structure in place,” he said. “In this scenario, succession planning is an extension of the current structure. For a small business or startup, there would be more work building the succession planning into the other necessary strategic planning.

“Just like your insurance policy, succession planning and crisis management protocols are essential (items) you need to have in place but hope you never need to use”.

Read the rest:


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The 2nd DD Audio #SpeakerSeries for 2019 features a Craft Beer Entrepreneur panel with discussion lead by Kyle Golding, CEO of The Golding Group plus audience Questions and Answers 10/16/19 at Project 3810.

Food, drinks and door prizes like DD Audio Headphones and 3 months of free co-working at Project 3810, LLC. BONUS: Possible sneak peek at the Broke Brewing taproom at Project 3810 (depending on construction permits, licensing, etc….)

DD Audio is so much more than just car stereo speakers. The #SpeakerSeries is a live event for the creative community. Twice a year, DD Audio will invite interesting and exciting people to speak with audiences about turning a passion into a business utilizing marketing tactics, technology and innovative approaches to starting or running a small business, personal brand or passion project.

This time our focus is turning homebrewing into a “real” business with three breweries telling their story and answering audience questions.

The newest entry to Oklahoma Craft brewing isn’t officially open yet. Broke Brewing is the purest form of beer startup that is just about ready to launch any day now. This is Master Brewer Mike Groshong‘s first venture after spending time brewing for many of the established brands in Oklahoma.

Vortex Alley Brewing is a neighborhood nano-brewery in Ponca City, OK. VAB is comprised of four friends who love brewing and love sharing our passion of brewing with others.

Angry Scotsman Brewing is one of Oklahoma City’s newest craft breweries. Initially launched from the Brewers Union, ASB now has a full taproom in downtown OKC. ASB is served in bars and liquor stores across Oklahoma.

Golding is an award-winning creative professional with 30+ years of business experience. He’s the 2019-20 Oklahoma Venture Forum Chairman, a serial entrepreneur along with being the co-host of the #NeoMarketing podcast and the #SaturdayMorningHustle podcast + social media video series.

Join us for a casual but informative conversation about inspired ideas and practical execution from the panel and Golding along with Q/A with the audience.

There will be plenty of time for networking before the #SpeakerSeries program with Q/A afterward. Everyone will also have the opportunity to tour the Project 3810 facility and meet some of the people involved in the office, warehouse and co-working space for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. This “might” include the new taproom from Broke Brewing (dependent on factors outside our control).


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A key to a successful #LiveEvent is great event promotion via social media, email and a killer (#MobileReady) website with key information (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How you can participate) and setting expectations via content (audio, video, photography, text, links, etc.) to attract the right audience.

We can develop the right strategy for your event, design the support elements and manage the process (a little, a lot or the whole thing) for you. Contact us:


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What separates an Entrepreneur from a Wantrepreneur? Is it the best idea, the most hustle or something else? If you own a small business or want to someday, then you need to know the best strategies, insights and tactics to be successful without burning yourself out. Do you have what it takes to be the boss? Our CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist Kyle Golding is here to help you figure it out. VIDEO LINK ON YOUTUBE

Kyle Golding: I’m often asked for advice “to my younger self” about the entrepreneurial journey. Here are a few topics I hit in this video:

* When you start having success, that doesn’t mean everything will be this easy.
* Pay closer attention to the How and Why of that early success. Don’t assume you will always understand what worked and what didn’t, so write it down. That will serve you better than your memory.
* Don’t get a big head, but do keep your confidence.
* It’s OK to ignore anyone telling you that you can’t do something, but you can’t ignore reality. You need both.
* Find ways to move forward, but with logic and experience because talent only gets you so far.
* Drop the idea that this is how life will be forever.
* Success comes from change, so be ready to change with the times to keep being successful.
* Finally, don’t be afraid of others having success around you. Their wins don’t take away from yours. Jealousy is a waste of time and effort. Let then hate on you, but don’t return it. Keep focused on your goals.

Thank you to the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma for the invitation to kick-off the 2019 season of Trust Talks.


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The Golding Group is proud to announce our new relationship with two professional podcasts: American Diplomat and The General and the Ambassador produced by of The American Academy of Diplomacy, in partnership with the Una Chapman Cox Foundation. Our role is to expand the understanding of diplomacy, including its importance and its reality, to non-traditional American audiences via these podcasts. We will also be working to reach a broader public in the American heartland while developing engaged audiences and a sustainable business model.

The American Academy of Diplomacy (AAD) is an independent, non-profit association of former senior US ambassadors and high-level government officials whose mission is to strengthen American diplomacy. AAD represents a unique wealth of talent and experience in the practice of American foreign policy, with over 250 members.

The American Diplomat podcast provides informative entertainment to the listening public from our nations’ diplomatic practitioners. The conversations with this elite cadre of career diplomats seek to give the listener a better understanding of the very human dimensions of those serving on the front lines of war, crises and conflict around the world.

The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation podcast is a series of unique conversations between U.S. Generals and U.S. Ambassadors on their strategic and operational teamwork to defend and advance U.S. global interests. Led by Ambassador (ret) Deborah McCarthy, the interviews with senior leaders explores the responsibilities, missions and results of their joint efforts in key combat theaters and during humanitarian crises. The series includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Europe, Russia, Haiti, Latin America and much more.


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The Golding Group partnered with the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma to create a new business model and strategy with updated processes to lead the 88-year-old non-profit organization into the future of business development, communication and technology.

BBB of Central Oklahoma President Kitt Letcher details the successful partnership and how working with us has benefited the organization.

“My name is Kitt Letcher. I am the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Oklahoma. We work with businesses here in Oklahoma to make them better every single day. The Golding Group helped us look at our entire business and look at it holistically, transforming it to be a new, current, modern BBB but also helps us thrive as an organization. For us, it’s been a really exciting process. The thing that I love most about working with The Golding Group is that I know I’m going to get really honest feedback. I’m going to get information that helps us do better and that makes us better as an organization and what is going to keep us moving forward for the next hundred years. I think that’s what every business owner wants. That’s how we make progress. It’s been a great process for us and one I would really recommend.”

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Featuring Allison Candelaria, Owner of Soul Yoga.

DD Audio proves to be much more than just car stereo speakers with a series of live events for the Oklahoma City business community, the DD Audio #SpeakerSeries. Twice a year, DD Audio will invite interesting and exciting people to talk with audiences about visionary business tactics and innovative approaches to starting or running a small business, personal brand or passion project.

The first session of the 2019 DD Audio #SpeakerSeries events will feature Allison Candelaria, Owner of Soul Yoga. Candelaria will be interviewed by Kyle Golding, CEO of The Golding Group. The two will discuss how a passion for healthy lifestyle through yoga translates into a profitable studio, teacher training and mentorship programs. 

Allison Candelaria is an internationally known yoga teacher and the owner of Soul Yoga. She is a contributing writer and expert for Yoga Journal, has been featured in Shape Magazine, Mantra Magazine and her studio has been voted best in the city multiple times. With over a decade of experience, Allison’s vinyasa flow classes are anatomically informed and uniquely incorporate myofascial release techniques to balance the mind, body and breath. In addition to her regularly scheduled classes, she teaches specialized workshops throughout the country, tailors private sessions to the needs of her clients and works closely with professional athletes incorporating yoga as cross training. Allison has lead multiple 200hr teacher trainings around the world in addition to contributing as a lead teacher with the Yoga Medicine brand founded by Tiffany Cruikshank.

Golding is an award-winning creative professional with 30+ years of business experience. He is the host of the Beers And Branding live events, co-host of the #NeoMarketing podcast and the #SaturdayMorningHustle podcast and social media video series.

Join us for a casual but informative conversation about inspired ideas and practical execution from Candelaria and Golding along with Q/A with the audience. We will also have door prize drawings, including chances to win DD Audio studio grade over-ear headphones, 1 month of unlimited Soul Yoga classes and a 3 month co-working membership at Project 3810.
There will be plenty of time for networking before the #SpeakerSeries program with Q/A afterwards. Everyone will also have the opportunity to tour the Project 3810 facility and meet some of the people involved in the office, warehouse and co-working space for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. 

DD Audio #SpeakerSeries 
Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
5:30 – 6:00pm Networking Happy Hour
6:00 – 7:00pm Q/A with Allison Candelaria, Owner of Soul Yoga hosted by Kyle Golding, CEO of The Golding Group
Food, drinks and door prizes like DD Audio Headphones, 1 month of unlimited Soul Yoga classes and 3 months of free co-working at Project 3810Project 3810
3810 N. Tulsa Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Free to attend with RSVP via EventBright: