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In September, our PR experts Pritch Pritchard, APR and Kyle Golding presented “Handling Crisis: The Power of Protocol” to the YMCA National CMO conference. The 90-minute talk explained the advantages of Crisis Communication Protocols vs. a traditional written plan. Here’s the Slide Deck:

An organizational crisis is a specific, unexpected and non- routine event or series of events that create high levels of uncertainty and simultaneously present an organization with both opportunities for and threats to its high-priority goals.

The presentation involves:

  • Basic Definition of a Crisis
  • Key Components
  • Definition
  • Differentiating
  • Defining the Environment
  • Planned vs.Unplanned
  • Stages of a Crisis
  • Basic Truths
  • Timing is Everything
  • Precursors for Success
  • Crisis Basics
  • Specific Guidelines 
  • Misconceptions Associated with Crisis Communications
  • Navigating a Crisis Quick and Efficient
  • Definition of Protocol
  • Protocol v. Plan
  • What Constitutes A Good Protocol?
  • Elements of a Protocol 
  • Ancillary Elements

Preparation for even unplanned crises starts well before the accident/incident. Time spent preparing today – in the calm – pays off in the heat of the fray. No matter how prepared you are…you will ALWAYS be surprised!


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The Golding Group is proud to announce our new relationship with two professional podcasts: American Diplomat and The General and the Ambassador produced by of The American Academy of Diplomacy, in partnership with the Una Chapman Cox Foundation. Our role is to expand the understanding of diplomacy, including its importance and its reality, to non-traditional American audiences via these podcasts. We will also be working to reach a broader public in the American heartland while developing engaged audiences and a sustainable business model.

The American Academy of Diplomacy (AAD) is an independent, non-profit association of former senior US ambassadors and high-level government officials whose mission is to strengthen American diplomacy. AAD represents a unique wealth of talent and experience in the practice of American foreign policy, with over 250 members.

The American Diplomat podcast provides informative entertainment to the listening public from our nations’ diplomatic practitioners. The conversations with this elite cadre of career diplomats seek to give the listener a better understanding of the very human dimensions of those serving on the front lines of war, crises and conflict around the world.

The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation podcast is a series of unique conversations between U.S. Generals and U.S. Ambassadors on their strategic and operational teamwork to defend and advance U.S. global interests. Led by Ambassador (ret) Deborah McCarthy, the interviews with senior leaders explores the responsibilities, missions and results of their joint efforts in key combat theaters and during humanitarian crises. The series includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Europe, Russia, Haiti, Latin America and much more.


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The Golding Group partnered with the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma to create a new business model and strategy with updated processes to lead the 88-year-old non-profit organization into the future of business development, communication and technology.

BBB of Central Oklahoma President Kitt Letcher details the successful partnership and how working with us has benefited the organization.

“My name is Kitt Letcher. I am the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Oklahoma. We work with businesses here in Oklahoma to make them better every single day. The Golding Group helped us look at our entire business and look at it holistically, transforming it to be a new, current, modern BBB but also helps us thrive as an organization. For us, it’s been a really exciting process. The thing that I love most about working with The Golding Group is that I know I’m going to get really honest feedback. I’m going to get information that helps us do better and that makes us better as an organization and what is going to keep us moving forward for the next hundred years. I think that’s what every business owner wants. That’s how we make progress. It’s been a great process for us and one I would really recommend.”

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Our CEO Kyle Golding was asked to present Focused Communication for Arts Organizations presented in the KOSU Studios in the Hart Building on Film Row as part of the 2018 Oklahoma Arts Conference in Oklahoma City. Here’s the description (outline below): The full presentation now available on YouTube. Art is for everyone, but your communication needs to be highly focused. Arts organizations should be creating multiple types of communication for different audiences for different reasons, such as event attendance, fundraising (individual and corporate), advocacy, and more. Effective marketing messaging needs to be focused, tailored, and specific to each audience and each action you’re attempting to create in order to best support and sustain your arts organization. Even though art is for everyone, you must be selective in your communication in order to be efficient. “Everyone” is not a target audience. Marketing that attempts to appeal to all doesn’t work. So, how do you stay inclusive in your approach and expand your audience while being specific and selective in your communication? Let’s talk about it. Artist, arts advocate, and professional marketing expert Kyle Golding will demonstrate the different ways for arts marketing to be focused on the best outcomes. Golding will present strategy, tactics, and measurements for highly effective communication to different stakeholders and supporters with the highest impact and with sustainable results.
  • You Are Not Trying Hard Enough (Sorry, Not Sorry)
    • Audience Development
    • Audience Segmentation
    • Customization of Marketing 
      • % increase in effectiveness per level of customization 
      • Names are easy, what do you really know about them
      • You are not Benjamin Franklin 
    • CRM/Data Mining for budget effectiveness 
      • Time
      • Money
      • Effort
      • Attention 
    • Systematic Communications
      • NOT “that’s how we’ve always done it”RED FLAG! 
    • Long-Term Development
      • People do not what to be Sold, even when they are trying to Buy (support)
      • What works with you?
      • Retain and Attract at the same time
        • Solid Base
          • Age out
          • Attrition
          • Other use of the $
        • Future Base
          • Slower
          • Less $, more time and attention 
          • Will need them eventually 
          • Best time to plant a tree 
    • 2 Way Conversation 
      • Speak
      • Listen
      • Talk amongst yourselves
  • What Are The Reasons We Communicate?
    • Attention 
    • Motivation 
    • Conversion
    • Champion
  • Don’t Be A Cannibal 
    • Specific communication allows for more
      • Adaptation / Customization
        • Messaging
        • Delivery Channels
        • Timing 
    • No Cannibalization 
    • Effectiveness
      • Better messages based on audience segments not “everyone”
      • Stronger relationships with each segment 
      • Track and measure each segment, strategy, tactic, channel, timing, etc….
      • Allow everyone to think it’s “their idea” or “most important”
  • Art Is For Everyone. Communication Is Focused
  • Art is for everyone, but your communication needs to be highly focused. Arts organizations should be creating multiple types of communication for different audiences for different reasons: Event attendance / Fundraising / Advocacy / Brand Message
    • Event attendance
      • Buying tickets
      • Free events
      • Sponsors
      • Media
    • Fundraising Approach
      • Individual
      • Volunteers
      • Artist
      • Low $
      • Mid $
      • High $
      • Corporate
    • Advocacy
      • Stakeholders
      • Influencers 
    • Brand Message
      • Basic Idea of your org.
      • Consistency is king
      • Can’t be bad (as long as it’s consistent) 
  • Effective Marketing Messaging Needs To Be:
    • Focused
    • Tailored
    • Specific
      • In all three cases
        • To Each Audience
          • Segment
          • Demographic
          • Tactic or Channel  
      • To Every Action you’re attempting to create (Call To Action)
        • Make available to happen
          • This is your problem, not theirs 
        • Make easy
        • Complete the transaction (technical)
        • Legal (receipts)
        • Data generated 
        • Say Thank you dammit! 
    • A/B Tested
      • Control groups for all messaging campaigns 
      • Measure
      • Find insights 
      • Use them
Unless you have an unlimited budget, this will the best way support and sustain your arts organization. Even though art is for everyone, you must be more selective in your communication in order to be efficient. Use technology to your advantage by stealing ideas from big brands.
  • “Everyone” is not a target audience
  • Marketing that attempts to appeal to all appeals to none 
  • Start with the basics
  • Most Likely First
  • Common Sense
  • Geography and other barriers 
  • Preferred (gasp!) audience 
  • So how do you stay inclusive in your approach and expand your audience while being specific and selective in your communication?
    • Core first
    • Most likely
    • Start 1 degree left
    • Start 1 degree right
    • Brand Pull
    • Champions
    • Quality
    • Bonus: PULL Marketing
  • What’s The Point?
    • Welcome to 2018!
    • Efficient and Effective Never Go Out of Style
    • This is what the audience expects – This is real life
    • The world is more, more, more but attention is less
    • There are no rules!
    • Budget / ROI
    • ROIA – Reality Of It All

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We are proud to support OK AIDS Care Fund by collaborating w/ @undrellmaholmes and @versaphotovic on this @redtienight 2017 Behind The Scenes video for the 25th anniversary of OKC’s biggest and best fundraiser.

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Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about non-profit structure, communications and leadership.

Prepare to have your toughest questions answered and most complex issues explained in a direct, no-nonsense way. Get the solutions to your biggest non-profit issues with real world advice. In-house staff, supporters and agencies with non-profit clients will find this advice useful. Recorded 05/11/2015 in The Golding Group Oklahoma City Office at 1219 Creative.

Speaker Kyle Golding, CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group, is a proven expert with 20+ awards for cause marketing. His background includes multiple local and national non-profit boards, Creative Director for the United Way of Central Oklahoma and a founding board member of Inclusion In Art. 30% of The Golding Group client list are non-profit organizations, including Oklahoma Zoological Society, CASA of Oklahoma County, Edmond Fine Arts Institute and many more.

AMA-OKC Special Interest Group Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, are smaller communities within the chapter that focus on niche areas of marketing. AMA-OKC currently has SIGs covering Social Media, Financial Services and Non-Profit marketing. They also have a rotating topic SIG that changes each meeting to focus on a unique area not covered in the other three Special Interest Groups. Each SIG meets once  per quarter from 11:30am – 1:00pm. All SIGs are FREE to members to attend and $10 for non-members.


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Inclusion in Art presents the In COLOR Film Festival on Saturday 10/24/15 at Paramount OKC on Film Row. In COLOR celebrates the contributions of works by filmmakers of color and films that celebrate multiculturalism. Details about times, films and to purchase tickets are here (click).

The FREE afternoon matinée features short films created by students in our Teen REACH youth filmmakers program. This will be followed by a panel discussion by participating students, facilitators and volunteers to discuss the benefits of the program.

Teen Reach by Inclusion In Art is a life skills and job skills training program for junior high and high school students through the complete production of a short theatrical film in a professional work environment. Students in the Teen Reach program concept, write, storyboard, shoot and act in a short film. These students work in each position on the film crew: pre-production, writing, acting, directing and production.

Teen Reach students learn brainstorming, collaboration and teamwork for creating their own future productions or for working in most career fields. Teen Reach youth overcome doubts and fears of leading others, taking constructive criticism and public speaking on camera. Each group of students sees a project from start to finish with ownership and initiative.

Teen Reach facilitators, all Oklahoma professional film makers and creative field experts, guide the students on the project but empower them to make decisions and solve problems on their own. These skills and experiences allow the students to consider creative career choices that they wouldn’t have otherwise, due to where they are from, where they live or what they look like. Most Teen Reach students start the program with no thought of having a career in film production, but soon learn how possible that can be. This new outlook on school, career and life along with new skills and a sense of accomplishment can lead to great things in their future.

This is why Inclusion In Art started the Teen Reach program, the only program of it’s kind in our area. Teen Reach (and all programs of Inclusion In Art) can’t exist without the support of our working partners, sponsors, granting organizations, members and individuals just like yourself. Please consider supporting Inclusion In Art programming by buying an individual, family or artist membership, sponsoring an event or by making a tax-deductible donation.

In COLOR Indie Film Festival

After the panel and short intermission, we will be showcasing films created by talented independent professional filmmakers from Oklahoma and beyond! Tickets needed for 4:00-8:00pm films and after party:

  • 4:00-4:08pm Project Unlabeled: I Define Me (digital story telling) by Valerie Vaughn Rated G Talk 4:10-4:20pm
  • 4:25-4:55pm My Father John Doe (documentary) by Kel Mcqueen PG Talk 5:00-5:10pm
  • 5:15-5:35pm Clayfist (drama) by Skyler Lawson Rated PG-13 mature adult theme
  • 5:40-5:55pm Toxin (action adventure) by Robert Parham R rated violence, some strong language 5:40-5:55pm Talk 6:00-6:10pm
  • 6:15-6:25pm Kill Shift (sci fi) by Marlon Ladd PG-13 violence, strong language Talk 6:30-6:40pm
  • 6:45-6:55pm Deviants (comedy) by Melissa Sue Lopez R rated crude adult humor, sexual innuendo Talk 7:00-7:10pm
  • 7:15:-8:00pm Violet (horror) by Mark Jackson 45 minutes Rated PG-13 Talk 8:05-8:15pm

The In COLOR celebration concludes with a special social gathering with filmmakers, Inclusion In Art board members and supporters like you. We promise great food, a cash bar and DJ Mass to conclude this eclectic evening! Dress for In COLOR is party-business casual. For an itinerary of programming planned for In COLOR, visit our website at



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We take great pride in announcing our latest non-profit client partnership: Tipton Children’s Home. Founded in 1924, The Tipton Children’s Home mission is to raise children in a loving, caring and stable Christian environment in rural SW Oklahoma. This is a safe place for children, whose parents can no longer care for them, to live and prosper.

Unlike many programs, the Tipton Children’s Home is designed for long-term (up to age 17) residential care focused on preparing children for adulthood.

The Tipton Children’s Home offers focused, long-term residential care with emphasis on education, community activity and church life. Their well established approach to child development, away from distractions and negative influences, has proven to prepare children for adulthood

The mission of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide the highest quality of long-term residential childcare in the areas of spiritual instruction, nutrition, shelter, clothing, education and safety. The Tipton Children’s Home is made up of children ages 5-18, house parents and other staff. The purpose of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide a loving, Christian atmosphere where children can grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The Golding Group is creating a comprehensive, top-to-bottom plan for the Tipton Children’s Home to cover marketing, fundraising, program development, internal efficiencies and long-term sustainability. We began working with the Tipton Children’s Home leadership team over 9 months ago with program analysis, asset inventory and assessment. We plan to keep working actively with the Tipton Children’s Home over the next 12-18 months developing communications, programming and financial support tools. Check out their new website (we designed for them, built by T&S Online) for more info.

Tipton Website


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Two years ago, we started talking to the Fine Arts Institute (FAI) of Edmond about a single item: the retirement of their long time (25 years) executive director. Mitzi Hancuff had run the organization since it’s founding but she was ready to retire. Long time employee Shannon Price was selected by the board of director to fill Mitzi’s shoes. The concern was if this transition did not go well, the organization could lose supporters or standing built up over the last two+ decades.

This transition actually went amazingly smooth, with supporters, staff and community all excited for the future at FAI. But that’s not the end of the story. During the planning of the E.D. transition, we noticed a few marketing and communication tools that really needed to be improved. The most glaring example was their website. The site had been designed many years back and was obviously out-of-date. On top of that, making changes or upgrades was expensive and the control panel was less than user-friendly.

We immediately suggested a website redesign to match the new leadership, new branding (logos and cutline) and future direction of FAI. But we didn’t stop there.

It’s not enough for a website to be attractive, but it has to be highly functional. As we discussed the use of a website with the staff, we realized there were several opportunities to create efficiencies and lower operating cost.
  • FAI spent a great deal of time and money every semester printing and mailing class catalogs, brochures and other annual marketing materials. By putting all class descriptions, with links to online enrollment and payments, on the new website in a searchable format we made it possible for FAI to stop paying printing and postage for catalogs. Class enrollment went up and cost went down.
  • Previously, general brochures and other fundraising materials were also mailed to past and potential supporters. With the new website, we send a postcard to the supporter list with information about the FAI programs and the new website. Again, donations are up and costs are down.
  • We also added tools to increase efficiency in enrolling and tracking students for classes, promoting special events and fundraisers, listing all the programs offered by FAI and promoting the mission of Creativity at All Ages, All Stages for kids, adults and senior.

By taking the time to uncover the real needs of the organization we solved a lot of problems and created new opportunities for FAI. Working with the staff and leadership to make the organization better, instead of focusing on single projects, resulted in a highly effective solution for FAI. We also made sure the staff at FAI could use this new tool to its full potential, without any need to rely on us or anyone else (no more fees to pay). The new website is truly theirs to use and benefit from.

The NEW website: FAI WebsiteThe OLD website: OLD home page Obviously, a huge difference between the two. Special thanks to T&S Web Design for taking our ideas and making them into a real, highly functioning website. We swung for the fences on this project, and we hit a grand slam. Take a moment and read all about the great work FAI does in the Edmond area. If you need an organizational inventory, project management or whole organization integration please contact us for ways we can help your business or non-profit.

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We promised several major announcements from The Golding Group in early 2015, and we start with our new logo cutline: Strategic Growth Partners

This language better describes our working relationship with our clients. It’s not about billable hours or turning projects, but helping your business/non-profit succeed.

Golding Group 2015 logo Reverse

We believe a strategic partner, invested in organizational growth, will find the best solution – not doing “just enough” to complete a project. We also believe a long-term working relationship leads to better results. Being committed to your success is how we help you the most.

What do you think? We would love to know your thoughts. Contact us.

Do you know a business or non-profit that could benefit from a working relationship with The Golding Group? If so, refer them to us. Not only we will help their organization grow, we’ll make sure you’re rewarded as well. Cash, free consulting or a Rococo gift card will be coming your way.