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Improve Your Marketing with Response Tracking

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You did your research, created a target market profile and know what makes your product/service better than the competition. Now you have to deliver that message. A consistent message over multiple channels works best, but which should you use? How do you prove your marketing worked? Can you justify cost to your client/boss? The answer is tracking.

The best way to justify cost and measure success or failure is tracking the response rate. But how do you know it was direct mail and not radio/TV/print/ect… that did the trick? By using a trackable device in conjunction with the call to action.

One advantage of printed items is the (potential customer can keep it, give it to a friend or bring it to your location to redeem for a discount, special offer or attend an exclusive event. This is how a trackable device works.

If someone needs to show a postcard, coupon or code word to get the deal – they will. Now you have proof of response rate. You can’t just look at the sales numbers to know if your marketing work because part of that equation is up to your sales staff. Closing a sale opportunity created by direct marketing is conversion rate, not response rate. Walking in the door with direct mail in hand is response rate. Marketing will only get the sales process started.

Once you know response rate and cost, you can track which advertising medium provides the best return on investment for your budget. A call to action and trackable device is a highly effective and easy way to track success.

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