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Kyle Golding’s Top 5 Speaking Engagements in 2012

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The Association of Fundraising Professionals presentation about “Don’t Market A Non-Profit Like a Business” was memorable to me for several reasons. Mostly the great response and new clients relationships we created there for the Golding Group.

Also, an extremely expressive member of the audience had me thinking my presentation was going horribly wrong the entire time. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

4. PRSA New Pros
There is nothing better than influencing young professionals. The New Pros group asked me to speak in May about the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” of leaders and star employees titled: Everything You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Business (Or Not Starting Your Own Business). I was pleasantly surprised this group asked the most questions about upholding ethics in regard to career building.

KyleWithNewPRPros3. PRSA Arkansas
It’s always fun to go to new markets, meet other professionals and expand the The Golding Group. The PRSA-ARK group asked me to speak about “Creativity in PR” at their October meeting. This presentation included the hottest trends in communications: social media, inbound and relationship-based marketing – and how they are all based in basic PR principles.

You can see video highlights here.

Speaking in front of hometown professionals is always a great thrill. The IABC-OKC group asked me to speak in August about “Cause Marketing: Overcoming Stigma and Other Challenges” in reference to the award-winning campaign The Golding Group created for the Mental Health Association of Central Oklahoma in late 2011.

I actually changed my presentation about 2 minutes before starting, due to a poll of attendees about what they hoped to learn. In the end, it worked out great and the group was very engaged. A great question and answer session followed.

1. Oklahoma Arts Council State Arts Conference
The longest presentation I have done so far, this 90 minute session kicked off the 2012 State Arts Conference in front of over 100 people. I presented a series tips for marketing non-profit organizations, events and campaigns. This presentation was based on a series of blog post from earlier in the year. The two-day conference was one of the best I have attended in a long time.

This was also the public debut of Inclusion In Art, a new arts non-profit we helped get started that create opportunity for racial and cultural diversity in the Oklahoma arts community. This is one of the biggest success stories for The Golding Group this year.

Bonus: IgniteOKC
The unique nature of Ignite presentations is you only have 5 minutes and 20 slides. Once you start, the slides automatically advance and you have to keep up, stay focused and wrap up on time for it all to make sense. I had a lot of fun with my topic “Everything I know About Starting A Business I Learned From Riding a Motorcycle”.

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