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New Client Announcement: Tipton Children’s Home

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We take great pride in announcing our latest non-profit client partnership: Tipton Children’s Home. Founded in 1924, The Tipton Children’s Home mission is to raise children in a loving, caring and stable Christian environment in rural SW Oklahoma. This is a safe place for children, whose parents can no longer care for them, to live and prosper.

Unlike many programs, the Tipton Children’s Home is designed for long-term (up to age 17) residential care focused on preparing children for adulthood.

The Tipton Children’s Home offers focused, long-term residential care with emphasis on education, community activity and church life. Their well established approach to child development, away from distractions and negative influences, has proven to prepare children for adulthood

The mission of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide the highest quality of long-term residential childcare in the areas of spiritual instruction, nutrition, shelter, clothing, education and safety. The Tipton Children’s Home is made up of children ages 5-18, house parents and other staff. The purpose of Tipton Children’s Home is to provide a loving, Christian atmosphere where children can grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The Golding Group is creating a comprehensive, top-to-bottom plan for the Tipton Children’s Home to cover marketing, fundraising, program development, internal efficiencies and long-term sustainability. We began working with the Tipton Children’s Home leadership team over 9 months ago with program analysis, asset inventory and assessment. We plan to keep working actively with the Tipton Children’s Home over the next 12-18 months developing communications, programming and financial support tools. Check out their new website (we designed for them, built by T&S Online) for more info.

Tipton Website

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