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New Product Announcement: The Keep Me Posted Smartphone App

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After months in development and weeks in beta testing, the Keep Me Posted! Smartphone App is now available for (free) download on iTunes and Google Play for Android. Keep Me Posted! is the first private family communication app designed specifically for medical emergencies or other sensitive events. Take control of family communication by using the Keep Me Posted! app. Avoid the confusion of group texts, separate e-mails and repetitive phone calls with one simple setup. Inform all the important people in your life with a single update.

The Golding Group developed the app in partnership with Levant Technologies LLC. on behalf of our clients, an Angel Investment group. We are truly excited to bring this new and beneficial smartphone app to the market to better help families manage communications during stressful and sensitive times.

The app is free to download and free to use. Click one of the links above to get yours today. Also, give KMP! a “Like” on Facebook, a “Follow” on Twitter or click this link to watch a 2 minute video about the KMP! app.

On a personal note, we all have had family and friends who have spent time in the hospital or even long-term care. Sometimes planned, often not, these events are private, sensitive in nature and stressful on loved ones. This is the reason the KMP! app was created, to help ease some of the stress of keeping everyone “in the loop” without letting too much information out or losing control of the message.

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A special shout-out to our friend Mike Hoang for referring to project to us. We owe you big time Mike.

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