BONUS Video Podcast: Retail Strategy Analysis

Welcome to a BONUS VIDEO EPISODE of the #NeoMarketing podcast. We’re going to spend just a couple of minutes talking very specifically about an approach that a retailer has taken that Pritch thinks he’s figured out what they’re doing. Here we go with the breakdown of Christmas retail by Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA.

The commercial we’re talking about is Jared® Jewelers with a smooth R&B trio singing while a young man is pulling out a Jared box across the table from the beautiful young lady. What happens next? There’s a little necklace inside, not a ring. He’s not proposing to her, because it’s the start of the relationship. What does he say? “Let’s see where this goes.”

Pritch thinks the underlying message is a new business strategy: Give somebody something at the beginning of the relationship.

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