Ep9 Digital Marketing Is Really Just Public Relations

Ep9 Digital Marketing Is Really Just Public Relations

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We revisit a theory our CEO Kyle Golding proposed during a speech to the Little Rock, AR chapter of PRSA in 2012, that the basis of all current digital marketing is public relations. Social media, blogging, vlogging, etc…. backed by content, influencer, inbound, relationship-based and/or push+pull marketing strategy is essentially PR.

Solidly written core messaging, consistent across all digital and traditional media, that creates a truthful impression of a business, non-profit, event, etc…. currently called digital marketing has traditionally been public relations. The tools, channels and delivery methods have changed but the core ideas are based on PR. Story, relationship and audience without a hard sales pitch – all basis of traditional PR and current digital marketing (when executed well). Social media and public relations are most effective when there is an honest transfer of information without a direct call-to-action. People do not want to be “sold”.

The Golding Group partners Kyle Golding and Pritch Pritchard break down this theory and discuss the ideas in depth with clips from the original presentation from 2012: Kyle Golding explains how creativity and public relations work together to create some of today’s hottest marketing trends. 7 minutes from his 45-minute presentation to PRSA Little Rock in October 2012. (Vimeo)

Bonus Question: What are your communication pet peeves? 

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