Diversity In Corporate Culture

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Diversity In Corporate Culture

The communications industry has done a pretty good job of addressing gender, racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion over the last 10-15 years, but more work still needs to be done in areas such as age, experience, backgrounds and diversity of thought. Diversity creates value in organizations due to the mix of thought processes that come along with different life experiences.

But how can organizations how conversations about sensitive subjects like race, gender, sexual orientation or politics in a positive manner? The answer is an open corporate culture. But, this culture will not happen overnight. Business leaders must foster open attitudes over time while allowing for dialog and challenges without repercussions. The best employees are drawn to and remain loyal to diverse, inclusive organizations with a culture of positivity and open-mindedness.

Clip for the OU PRSSA Diversity and Inclusion panel 11/13/17 (referenced in the first minute and again at 9:48) featuring Kyle Golding discussion deeper areas of focus for diversity and inclusion. 

Special thanks to the OU Innovation Hub on the Norman, OK campus. A dedicated space for increasing innovation and entrepreneurship across The University of Oklahoma and our community. The Innovation Hub aims to bring ideas to life. The resources are at your discretion and they want to assist you in your creations. The possibilities are endless.The Innovation Hub offers a variety of resources like FabLab, CCEW, Center for Entrepreneurship, iHub Cafe and Collaborate Spaces.

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