Elements Of A Successful Campaign

Elements Of A Successful Campaign

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Everyone asks us “What makes a marketing, advertising, public relations or community campaign successful?”. The Golding Group partners discuss their top tips for ensuring the success of a campaign. 

  • Consistency – You just can’t stop after a few attempts, keep it up
  • Research – The How and Why, Googling isn’t research
  • Audience Focus – Customers and Stakeholders, Pain Points, Motivation, Behavior and Goals
  • Customization – Audience, Reason for Campaign, Delivery Channel, Time Table
  • Objectives – Need to be Specific, Realistic (Obtainable), Measurable Goals and Stretch Goals

Special thanks to the OU Innovation Hub on the Norman, OK campus. A dedicated space for increasing innovation and entrepreneurship across The University of Oklahoma and our community. The Innovation Hub aims to bring ideas to life. The resources are at your discretion and they want to assist you in your creations. The possibilities are endless.The Innovation Hub offers a variety of resources like FabLab, CCEW, Center for Entrepreneurship, iHub Cafe and Collaborate Spaces.

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