Employee Communications as a PR Function

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Employee Communications as a PR Function

Employee communications have always been an HR issue, but why? PR and marketing professionals are better equipped to drive internal employee communications. Employees need to know the company mission, position, offers and value statement.

Employees are your greatest ambassadors. Word-of-mouth from employees has huge value in-person, online and via social media. A company stands for what the employees stand for. The keys are building relationships and engagement.

Can you mid-level employees do a better job with internal communications? Probably so. Your PR team can help.

Often, companies with rapid growth (existing and startups) lose their effectiveness due to a lack of internal communication structure. Like our Golding Group partner Felicite Moorman says: “Death By Success” from rapid growth. The lack of employee communications is as detrimental as gaps in internal structure, inventory or cash flow.

Special guest Alyssa Murphy drops by to discuss AMA-OKC, our local chapter of the American Marketing Association. Alyssa tells us about upcoming signature speaker series, their annual Super Bowl Ad review and upcoming “Marketini” awards. http://amaokc.org/

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