Kyle’s Favorite #NeoMarketing Podcasts of 2019

Kyle’s Favorite #NeoMarketing Podcasts of 2019

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On this episode, The Golding Group CEO Kyle Golding gives us his top podcast episodes for 2019 with a short explanation for each. BONUS: suggestions for other podcasts you should check out. Next episode (1/15/2020) Pritch will provide his picks.

The episodes we’re discussing today are:
1. Business Strategy vs. Corporate Culture
2. The Value Of Self-Worth In Your Career
3. Starting A Business Is Hard
4. Think Strategic, Act Tactical
5. Summer Special Guest Steve Davis and Che’ Loessberg from OVF, Terry Furrh of Eyes Etc. fashion retail, Vicki Langford VP of Resonance, Kitt Letcher BBB Central Oklahoma
6. How To Get Started Podcasting

Bonus podcast suggestions:
The #SaturdayMorningHustle
The General and The Ambassador
American Diplomat

On every #NeoMarketing podcast, we discuss best practices, latest trends and modern techniques for professional business communications including advertising, marketing, digital channels, social media, public relations and alternative options.

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