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April 3, 2024

Startups And Rebrands with Shelter Ready!

The best businesses have three main components: Solve a problem, offer a manageable solution and provide value above what is expected.

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Special Guest Interviews
Special Guest Interviews
Startups And Rebrands with Shelter Ready!

The best businesses have three main components: Solve a problem, offer a manageable solution and provide value above what is expected. Local startup Storm Check was launched with this in mind. After initial success, the founders recently went through a brand elevation to become Shelter Ready! full-service cleaning and prep. for storm shelters. Learn more at

The decision to rebrand is always a tricky proposition, even more so when a company is only a year old and practically still in startup mode. But it’s worth the effort if the rebrand can make a big enough impact.

Why the change, you ask? We listened to potential customer feedback and realized the previous name, Storm Check, needed clarification. Many mistakenly associated our services with storm shelter installation or storm chasing. We wanted a positive name that clearly conveyed the safety and peace of mind provided to families who utilize a storm shelter during severe weather. Shelter Ready! is embracing a brand identity that speaks directly to the core of what they do: preparing your shelter for whatever Mother Nature may bring.

We also simplified the service packages from three tiers to one, reflecting our dedication to streamlining the customer experience. Now, with just one click, you can access comprehensive storm shelter cleaning and preparedness services conveniently available through the new and improved website

As part of our rebranding efforts, we’ve also refreshed our logo, opting for an umbrella symbol to represent shelter from the storm—a universal symbol of protection and safety. This new branding is visually appealing and reinforces our commitment to protecting your family, pets and neighbors during severe weather events.

The idea started with a conversation about providing opportunities for veterans and helping keep Oklahomans safe during a storm. As residents of Oklahoma, the founders of Shelter Ready! know how important it is to have a safe, clean place to go at a moment’s notice. They are also grateful and proud of the servicemen and women who helped secure our freedom. They aim to employ veterans who have served our country and empower them to become leaders within the company across all levels.

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