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Public Relations

There are many ways your business can communicate with your target market, with other business leaders or the community as a whole. One the best tools for doing just that is professional public relations (PR). Modern PR is more than just sending a press release to the local newspaper when your business has a new product or hires a new employee. Solid PR involves a well planned and timed campaign of influence.

With The Golding Group as your PR partner, you can take control of your image and messaging in an entirely different way than advertising. This can include positive media coverage, community relations and overall education about your company/productsAs important as a positive public image is, even more valuable is a solid crisis PR plan. Much like insurance, you hope to never need crisis PR but will benefit greatly if the situation arises. Contact The Golding Group to begin a conversation about the power of PR and what we can do for your business.

We have a variety of podcast episodes addressing Public Relations theory and execution.