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Return of the Share Furniture Company

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A little over 2 years ago, I sat down with my (now) partners Felicite and Sean to talk about all kinds of business opportunities. We all knew putting together something as different as The Golding Group would be a daunting task, but the challenge was worth the workload. Changes, commitments and sacrifices would have to be made. At that time, I put my furniture company Share Furniture on hold.

Like any good entrepreneur, I finally found a way to breath new life into the Share Furniture brand. All it really took was a couple of custom orders, a new website (by T&S Web Design) and a desire to find balance in an already too busy schedule.


Share will always be a side venture, it was designed to be that way from the start. Every good business leader needs a creative distraction, this is mine. If you get a chance, check out the new website and/or give @ShareFurniture a follow on Twitter. Thanks!


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