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“So, are you a phone app company now?”

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We have enjoyed a lot of attention since releasing the Keep Me Posted! smartphone app last month. Overall, the public has been very receptive to the private family communications app and our efforts to publicize its availability. A few people in the marketing and public relations industry have been a little confused by our sudden jump into mobile technology.

I though The Golding Group was doing strategic planning, not phone apps.

When did you get into app development?

What made you decide to do something so different?

So, are you an app company now?

The short answer is No, we are not and we still are focused on strategy and positioning. The long answer is the Keep Me Posted! app project is exactly the type of services we offer our clients. Full service project management, product development and market entry strategies. Plenty of developers can build you a smartphone app or website, but it takes real experts to get you from drawing board to success quickly and efficiently. That’s exactly what The Golding Group does.

For this project, we worked with the developers at Levant Technologies to design the user interface while managing timeline and budget. We also test marketed the concept, name and branding. We identified the primary and secondary target markets and created an introduction, rollout and eventual monetization strategy. We managed the legal protection of the concept, branding and technology.

Finally, we conducted beta testing before a public release. We incorporated public relations, customer serve and social media into an initial push while collecting feedback for technical and usability issues. We will continue these effort and eventually incorporate placed advertising, potential partner direct communications and 3rd party integration negotiations.

As you can see, we didn’t move away from our core competencies, we found a product that needed all our full skill set plus collaboration and creativity. These situations do not come along often, but it sure is fun when it does.

KyleAppJRstoryStop what you’re doing right now and download the Keep Me Posted! app. It’s free to download and free to use. Give us feedback, spread the word and help others (or yourself) by making the crisis communications process easier to manage.

If you have an idea, product or service you want to take from paper to market, contact us.

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