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2019 Marketing Predictions Proving True?

In the previous year, marketing trends predictions were made for 2019, including those made on a podcast. The hosts now evaluate the accuracy of these predictions and their impact in 2019 and discuss potential trends for 2020. The podcast covers current practices and techniques for professional business communications.

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How To Get Started Podcasting

The content discusses a podcast about building successful podcasts. It covers starting a podcast, required technology, and the significance of podcasts for contemporary audience growth. It also negates excuses to delay starting a podcast, providing strategy, success stories, and practical tips. The podcast explores best practices and the latest trends in professional business communication.

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International Marketing and Value-Added Services

Pritch Pritchard, co-host of the #NeoMarketing podcast, returns from a summer in Italy teaching PR for the University of Oklahoma. Topics discussed include Italian wine, international marketing, and value-added services. The podcast cover professional business communication practices and latest industry trends across various channels.

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Think Strategic, Act Tactical

The #NeoMarketing podcast emphasizes the importance of strategic planning over simply executing marketing tactics. Effective marketing should consider the overarching goals, planning strategically for various timeframes. They also provide tips for maximizing efforts and budgets, and discuss the Gary Vaynerchuk 80/20 concept, aiming to educate, inform and entertain listeners.

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Addressing Rumors In The Digital Age

The Golding Group discusses factors of crisis communication management on the #NeoMarketing podcast, focusing on dealing with rumors. They reference the 1946 Allport and Postman “Study of Rumor” as a guide for contemporary practices.

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Avoiding PR Tone Deafness

Most business decision makers understand the need for a positive brand voice when it comes to advertising and public relations, but too many are tone

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