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The Future of Business Communications

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The question on everyone’s mind: What Next? With supercharged advances in technology and information flow, keeping current on the latest marketing techniques is almost a full time job.

Some of the most exciting options for 2013 includes:

  • Relationship Based Marketing
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Multichannel Communication
  • Apps and Games
  • Generational, ethnic and social segmentation
  • Inbound Marketing

Which approach is right for your business or non-profit? Do you have to choose just one? Does this mean the end of traditional marketing? Is print dead? Do you still need a Facebook page? Is MySpace really back?

The answer to all these questions: Depends on your situation. There is no clear right or wrong answer, just a variety of approaches to the same goal – Growth. You wouldn’t start a new diet or exercise regiment without consulting your doctor, so don’t try to create your 2013 plan without the advice of the professionals at The Golding Group. We know how to make your marketing, advertising and communications choices clear and easy to understand. Contact us today.

You can vote on your fav. type of marketing for 2013 on our Facebook page.

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