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Strategic, Sustainable Growth Through Business Process Innovation & Marketing Integration.

We build organizations from the inside out. The Golding Group is an award-winning think tank of business process management (BPM) and marketing integration experts. Our focus is growing organizations. We provide expertise in all phases of operation, specific to each of our clients’ needs. Our creative, front-to-back approach is what makes working with The Golding Group a completely different experience. We have offices in Oklahoma City and Philadelphia.

We’re not tied to a single concept, technique or medium for achieving client growth. We take an all-inclusive, fact-based approach to product, brand and audience development. No quick fixes or shortcuts allowed! Our focus is providing expertise to increase income, decrease cost and improve overall efficiency for our clients. We help you make decisions that lead to long-term, sustainable growth.

We create business growth opportunities by forming strategic, full-service partnerships with our clients. We develop the processes for strategic growth, whether it’s better marketing, lower cost or a bigger impact in a market. Each situation is different, which means each plan needs to be specific for that client.

Our Podcast
The BBB of Central Oklahoma Endorses The Golding Group

The Golding Group partnered with the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma to create a new business model and strategy with updated processes to lead the 88-year-old non-profit organization into the future of business development, communication and technology. BBB of Central Oklahoma President Kitt Letcher details the successful partnership and how working with us has benefited the organization.

“My name is Kitt Letcher. I am the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Oklahoma. We work with businesses here in Oklahoma to make them better every single day.

The Golding Group helped us look at our entire business and look at it holistically, transforming it to be a new, current, modern BBB but also helps us thrive as an organization. For us, it’s been a really exciting process.

The thing that I love most about working with The Golding Group is that I know I’m going to get really honest feedback. I’m going to get information that helps us do better and that makes us better as an organization and what is going to keep us moving forward for the next hundred years. I think that’s what every business owner wants. That’s how we make progress.

It’s been a great process for us and one I would really recommend.”

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