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The Golding Group Opens East Coast Office in Philadelphia

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The Golding Group is proud to announce we have opened an East Coast office on Ridge Ave. in Philadelphia, PA. This new office will be in addition to our Midwest office located in Oklahoma City. Two of The Golding Group’s founders, Sean Hawley and Felicite Moorman, have permanently relocated to the City of Brotherly Love to attract new business opportunities and facilitate two essential Golding Group clients Comcast and BuLogics, Inc.


Sean Hawley is currently in Philadelphia providing consulting and support to the National Engineering and Technical Operations (NETO) for Comcast Business managing the Sales Portal development project for their affiliate sales strategy. This Sales Portal is a multi-departmental agile project with 130+ resources and 3000+ employees providing technical infrastructure for all of Comcast’s revenue-generating businesses.

Felicite Moorman is currently the acting CEO of BuLogics, Inc. a leader in the wireless automation industry “smart home” products like wireless locks and thermostats. Under Moorman’s direction, the company recently made a highly profitable strategic pivot to focusing on licensing libSAPI (proprietary wireless technology codebase) to 3rd party developers. Moorman has also lead the charge to move the company into the Philadelphia downtown area and hire a new Chief Innovator Far McKon (from Makerbot) to better embrace the local tech community.

These two major clients (and a few more in the works) = big changes at The Golding Group. With Hawley and Moorman in Philadelphia, Chief Strategic Idealist Kyle Golding will be responsible for all Midwest clients as well as supporting the East Coast office. Both Golding and Moorman are also available for speaking engagements on topics such as strategic planning, business development, marketing and leadership.

In less than 2 years, The Golding Group has established themselves as the go-to team for highly effective strategic planning, communications and process development for business and non-profit organizations with a focus on growth and longevity. The Golding Group serves 20+ clients across multiple industries in several states.

“We are based in Oklahoma City, but we work all over the country. We go where our clients need us, when they need us and we never back down from a challenge. As exciting as this news is today, we have more projects in the works just as big.” – Kyle Golding, Founder & Chief Strategic Idealist – The Golding Group.

The Golding Group creates business growth opportunities by forming strategic, full service partnerships with clients. This is the new evolution of what marketing should be, going beyond just advertising by focusing on whole business development.

The Golding Group is not an agency or firm, but a think tank of industry experts. We’re not tied to a single concept, technique or technology for achieving client growth. We take an all-inclusive and fact-based approach to communications and development, not just projects or quick fixes.

Our focus is providing expertise to increase income, decrease cost and improve overall efficiency for our clients. We help you make decisions that lead to long-term, sustainable growth. For more information about The Golding Group, visit the homepage or on social media – Facebook: Strategic Business Growth and Twitter: @GoldingGroup

Contact The Golding Group
Midwest Office: (405) 361-4927
M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm CST

East Coast Office: (215) 645-4983
M-F 9:00am – 6:00pm EST

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