We Are Your Strategic Growth Partners

We promised several major announcements from The Golding Group in early 2015, and we start with our new logo cutline: Strategic Growth Partners

This language better describes our working relationship with our clients. It’s not about billable hours or turning projects, but helping your business/non-profit succeed.

Golding Group 2015 logo Reverse

We believe a strategic partner, invested in organizational growth, will find the best solution – not doing “just enough” to complete a project. We also believe a long-term working relationship leads to better results. Being committed to your success is how we help you the most.

What do you think? We would love to know your thoughts. Contact us.

Do you know a business or non-profit that could benefit from a working relationship with The Golding Group? If so, refer them to us. Not only we will help their organization grow, we’ll make sure you’re rewarded as well. Cash, free consulting or a Rococo gift card will be coming your way.

1 thought on “We Are Your Strategic Growth Partners

  1. I like your statement very much. I think it does well to express the importance of your commitment to connection, process and future growth to your clients, rather than simply completion and compensation. I have known you to be a man of great integrity and it is a true honor and pleasure to suggest you when I have the chance. My clients and acquaintances trust me to lead them in the right direction and I trust that they would be in good hands with you. It all boils down to trust and integrity. No marketing dollar can buy that. You alone have created and sustained it and I have no doubts that you will go on to help many more people. Keep up the good work.

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