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What separates an Entrepreneur from a Wantrepreneur? Is it the best idea, the most hustle or something else? If you own a small business or want to someday, then you need to know the best strategies, insights and tactics to be successful without burning yourself out. Do you have what it takes to be the boss? Our CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist Kyle Golding is here to help you figure it out. VIDEO LINK ON YOUTUBE

Kyle Golding: I’m often asked for advice “to my younger self” about the entrepreneurial journey. Here are a few topics I hit in this video:

* When you start having success, that doesn’t mean everything will be this easy.
* Pay closer attention to the How and Why of that early success. Don’t assume you will always understand what worked and what didn’t, so write it down. That will serve you better than your memory.
* Don’t get a big head, but do keep your confidence.
* It’s OK to ignore anyone telling you that you can’t do something, but you can’t ignore reality. You need both.
* Find ways to move forward, but with logic and experience because talent only gets you so far.
* Drop the idea that this is how life will be forever.
* Success comes from change, so be ready to change with the times to keep being successful.
* Finally, don’t be afraid of others having success around you. Their wins don’t take away from yours. Jealousy is a waste of time and effort. Let then hate on you, but don’t return it. Keep focused on your goals.

Thank you to the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma for the invitation to kick-off the 2019 season of Trust Talks.

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