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The Edmond Fine Arts Institute (FAI) was incorporated 1985 and moved into their current facility in 2004. At that time, they created a website to correspond with their new facility. The website had not been updated since. The design was boring, the technology antiquated and the user interface for the staff nearly non-existent. The staff had to spend tremendous amounts of time and effort to update the site, list the many classes and events they host or effectively use the website at all.

In 2013, the new Executive Director Shannon Price hired the Golding Group to find the best way to automate marketing, promotion and enrollment. Our recommendation was to redesign their website, integrate e-mail marketing and social media, reduce or eliminate direct mail and better tell the complete story of what the FAI programing is, how it affects the community and how to support the mission.


  • Streamline the enrollment and payment process via the organizations website
  • Make available classes easier to find and sign up for
  • Increase enrollment in classes (children and adults)
  • Increase attendance at special events
  • Accept donations online
  • Better communicate the message, mission and impact of the FAI
  • Increase local business support of FAI
  • Increase facility rentals


  • Simplify and take better advantage of current technology. The Golding Group designed a new web portal which could easily list all classes, track enrollment, and offer suggestions of similar classes via age group and class type. The website redesign incorporated an all-at-once look at FAI offerings (navigation) and multiple ways of finding the most important items (classes, special events, programs). The design was intentionally minimal, to allow for great photography of art projects, theatre performances and other visual aspects of the FAI.
  • Secondarily, we made the online payment system secure, easy-to-use with multiple options to make payments. The FAI staff can now take online payments for classes, performances, special events and donations.
  • Finally, we used the WordPress platform so the staff, with very minimal training, could make minor and major updates to every section of the site without having to call a web developer. The staff can also access contact information and past enrollment for customer service and marketing. The classes at FAI are small (average is less than 10 students) so we gave the staff the ability to limit enrollment and make the number of available spaces visible to potential students to spur enrollment.
  • We made the website pages and features easy to connect to social media platforms for additional no-cost promotion.

FAI WebsiteTactics

  • New website with a custom navigation system that can show all class categories as well as programs, performance, special events and ways to volunteer/support FAI with one mouse-over. We created secondary redundant navigation to the most important areas and made every page easy to share via social media.
  • All classes are listed by category (kids, teens, adults), chronological order and types (painting, acting, etc.) with description previews and clickable long-form description with cost, supplies, times, map to the facility or class locations (if different), contact information and online reservation/payment with e-mail confirmation.
  • We updated and organized all social media feeds, including Facebook and Twitter. Emphasis was placed on creative photography, consistent posting and support for special events.
  • We reorganized the Constant Contact e-mail system, created new templates to match the website and trained the staff on how to edit and manage their e-mail list.
  • We trained the staff on three separate occasions on use of the website, online payments, e-mail, social media and how to reduce mailing cost by using the online class catalog. Previously they mailed large, printed catalogs to prospective and former students.
  • Finally, we create a “New Website” campaign listing features and benefits of the new site. This included signage at the facility, e-mail blast and social media mentions. The dramatic change in look and style was immediately obvious and commented on by parents, board members and supporters of the FAI.




  • We worked with a moderate budget for the design and build of the website, social media integration and training. The organization has already seen that cost returned in online donations, increased enrollment and lower operating cost. The net ROI after the first 6 months was 300%.


  • As as result of the new website, e-mail system and social media upgrades enrollment is up, donations are way up and the mission of the FAI is more present than ever. All enrollment is up 15%, more classes are selling out faster and less classes are being canceled due to poor enrollment.
  • Facebook users are up 30% and Twitter followers are up 40%. In less than 6 months, the FAI had received over $10,000 in online donations, which they were not able to do in the past. Attendance at performances and special events are at all time highs.
  • The FAI has acquired several new business supporters and received an increase in funding from the City Council for their arts in Edmond public schools program without asking. Facility rentals have increased by 10%.
  • Overall, the staff reports tremendous positive feedback for the new website. The staff has only contacted the Golding Group only once for help with technical issues, thanks to being well trained. The website is being updated regularly, and social media is updated daily. Credit card processing cost are also down.
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