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#RococoCrabCakes Twitter Promotion

The Rococo Restaurants are well-known in the Oklahoma City area for quality food and service with “East Coast” style. The menu features pasta, seafood and their most popular item: Crab Cake. The crab cake appetizer is the flagship item on the menu and the one thing almost all Rococo fans name as the reason to dine at Rococo Restaurants. The Crab Cake has its own Twitter account @RococosCrabCake with almost 500 followers. Kyle Golding manages the crab cake account for The Golding Group.

Crabcake3croppedThe crab cake is so popular, that in less than three years Rococo Northpark (second Rococo OKC location) has sold over 16,000 orders. We knew no other restaurant in the Midwest could claim such popularity of a crab cake and wanted to find a unique way to brag on the success of the most popular Rococo dish.

Now, @RococosCrabCake is a marketing award winner: Award of Excellence in Social Media Tactics from the American Marketing Association, Oklahoma City Chapter (AMAOKC).


We created a week-long campaign last year to coincide with the Rococo Northpark 2.5 year anniversary party. We created the awesome #RococoCrabCakes hashtag for a contest to see how many crab cakes the Northpark location had served (16k+) in their first 18 months. The closest guess won a free crab cake a week for a year. We took guesses via Twitter and Facebook with #RococoCrabCakes until the anniversary party began. we had over 300 guess online for the week. We also offered a bonus prize of the winner was at the Rococo Northpark anniversary party. The event sold out, with sales hitting record highs for the year.

Once again, we took a simple idea, added audience interaction and managed the process to spectacular results for our client. All this with minimal effort or cost from them. Plus, we had a great time, reminded OKC area about the Rococo flagship item and emphasized the crab cakes popularity. We also earned some free media in the Daily Oklahoman Food Dude column (below).

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