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Our philosophy is the best clients find us for the right reasons. Most often, great clients (and potential clients) come to us through an existing relationship with a trusted professional or organization. Referrals benefit us and our clients.

So much so, we are willing to reward those who actively refer The Golding Group to potential clients looking for strategic, sustainable growth for their business or non-profit.

New for 2014 is a formal Referral Program based on our previous casual referral “cash bonus” we offered friends and clients. Every client need is different so details will vary, but here is how it works:

Finders Fee – Tell us about a potential client, or tell them about us. We will provide you a small portion of the fees we charge for services.

Active Referral – We call this “putting us in a conversation” with a potential client. A bigger percentage than the Finder Fee for being more involved in creating a client relationship.

Participating Referral – Sometimes, the referring party has to help vetting and negotiating a working relationship that feels “right” to us and the potential client. We reward these efforts with a higher percentage than an Active Referral.

Collaborations – Our ultimate goal. Working side-by-side with your business to provide services and guidance to the client. We can manage the project or supplement the services you offer. Either way, everyone wins and you get an additional “bonus” for making the collaboration happen.

Know a business or non-profit that could benefit from our services, contact us for details on how you can participate in our Referral Program.

Mike Hoang
Mike Hoang has referred clients to The Golding Group. Click this pic. to check out his great blog: Community Inspire

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