Crafting Messages That Resonate

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Crafting Messages That Resonate

Ep92: “The Professor” Pritch Pritchard breaks down the elements of a clear and captivating message via the acronym CUBE A (created by Brad Phillips, one of the world’s top media trainers) for internal and external communication.

  • C is for Consistent
  • U is for Unburdened
  • B is for Brief
  • E is for Earworthy
  • A is for Audience Focused

We discuss messages v. slogans, types of messages and tips for crafting your memorable message. We also discuss WiFM “What’s in it For Me?” and “Not In My Backyard” or NIMBY.

According to Wikipedia, NIMBY first appears in a June 1980 newspaper article from Virginia, but was popularized in the 1980s by British politician Nicholas Ridley, who was Conservative Secretary of State for the Environment and comedian George Carlin used the term in a comedy skit, implying that people had already heard of it.

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