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Winning Results Driven Awards (Again)

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We’ve said it before, but it’s relevant once again: Winning awards is nice, but…. it’s all about the work you do for your client that counts. Happy clients with growing, sustainable business is the best way to land that next great client or project.

In our first year as The Golding Group, we aggressively entered (and won) a lot of marketing/advertising/design competitions in an effort to demonstrate our professionalism and dedication to excellence. In our second year, we decide to do less awards events, but produced much more high quality, award worth work. This year, we have actively decided to only enter a select few events that are results driven only.

We’re not interested in beauty pageants. It doesn’t matter if the execution is exceptional without the right strategy in place for your position in the market. Pretty is boring! Make sure it actually works.

We are very proud to have received three more marketing awards this past week. The Golding Group took home 2 Awards of Excellence and 1 Award of Merit from the Oklahoma City Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMAOKC). The Marketini’s as they are called, is based on Insight, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Budget/ROI and most importantly (largest part of the score) Results.

Special thanks to our clients and collaborators, they’re the people who allow us to pull of amazing work like this. As always say, Take care of your clients needs, and success will follow.


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