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Third MHACO Project Honor (and probably last ADDY award)

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Last weekend, the Annual Report we created for the Mental Health Association of Central Oklahoma (MHACO) won a bronze ADDY award from the Oklahoma City Ad Club (AAF) for design. This is the third award for this project (AMA Marketini and IABC Bronze Quill in 2012) and our 12th ADDY award (there are others, long story). This will probably be the last ADDY awards we enter.


The ADDY awards are different than other communications awards. The full focus is on design, creativity and execution. We offer award winning design services, but it’s not the bulk of what we, as a company, do day in and day out.

Other awards are based on strategy and results. That’s were our work is focused, much more than design. ADDY awards are for ad agencies, web developers and graphic designers. The Golding Group is something different. We do the work behind the design.

Good luck to our ad agency and designer friends in next year’s ADDY awards.

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