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Winning Awards is Nice But….

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There’s something you don’t hear everyday: Winning awards is nice but…. did our work help the client reach their goals?

When you are working with a company like The Golding Group, the ultimate goal is create a Win-Win situation where we create smart, impacting work (that sometimes wins awards from our peers) -AND- reach your goals with a singular plan of action. That is exactly the case when The Golding Group partnered with the Mental Health Association of Central Oklahoma (MHACO) for a re-branding and awareness campaign that is now receiving many accolades from the marketing/advertising community.

At the ultimate direction of Golding Group partner and non-profit rock star Cher Golding, we began a complete campaign aimed at erasing over 10 years of communications inactivity, the stigma associated with mental health issues and a variety of other core issues. We asked those who participated in MHACO programs what the #1 problem was in communicating to the target audience of over 380,000 Oklahomans living with mental health issues. 

The mental health system is extremely difficult to navigate, and access to care depends on one’s insurance coverage or ability to pay for services. Connecting with the best program that meets ones needs is crucial for success. Those in need of services claimed they did not know where to start (not enough information) or were overwhelmed by conflicting and contradictory sources (too much information). Our campaign addressed both issues at the same time.

By creating a clear message based on the needs of the target audience, delivering that message in a timely and cost effective way by incorporating marketing, advertising, strategy and public relations, The Golding Group was able to create a 524% increase in exposure, 149% increase in clients and almost 850,000 impressions in the community in one year. All this was done on time and under budget for a huge return on investment (ROI).

The most crucial part of the campaign was not the OKC AD Club ADDY Award winning creative (which was really good) but the American Marketing Association Marketini Award winning (twice) outcome measurements and strategic plan validation. The key to highly effective (thus award wining) marketing is in the planning and measurements. This is where campaign go from good-to-great by testing market reaction and adjusting accordingly. 

This campaign did exactly what the client needed it to do and now happens to be winning awards and creating new opportunities for The Golding Group. That is what we would call a Win-Win scenario. If your ready to create a mutually beneficial partnership, contact us for a conversation about what The Golding Group can do for you business or non-profit organization.

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