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New Look Campaign For CASA of Oklahoma County

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One of our favorite things to do is work with outstanding non-profit organizations. A quality client doing important work in the community is the best collaboration partner you can have. We are so proud to be sharing our latest non-profit project with you and everyone involved in making it happen.

CASA of Oklahoma County provides trained court appointed volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused or neglected children in the juvenile court system. In 2013, there were over 11,000 children in foster homes. One third of the children in placements are children in Oklahoma County. CASA of OK Co serves the most difficult cases. The work their 200+ CASA volunteers do impact these kids lives, but the volunteers as well.

We focused the new CASA of OK Co messaging on positive change, real world volunteer stories and the human side of the DHS system. We accomplished this through beautiful visual work or photographer/videographer Christopher Hunt working alongside our creative team and the CASA of OK Co staff, board and volunteers. Nothing flashy or fancy, just well-lit, well shot conversations about the CASA of OK Co volunteer experience and their first-hand knowledge of benefiting the children they serve.




IMG_3077Along with these great photos are short, personal stories from CASA of OK Co volunteers for their YouTube channel.

Next came a whole new website to help CASA of OK Co to better tell their story, recruit new volunteers and provide community outreach. We worked within the national CASA Organizational guidelines, but made is as “OK Co” as possible. CASA of OK Co Executive Director Lee Ann Limber, Development Director Katherine Craig and former Development Director Emily Mapes all had tremendous input to the form and function of the site. Our newest collaboration partners CooperHouse Design executed the design expertly.

CASA Website

When you get a chance, check out the new CASA OK Co website, watch the videos and listen to the volunteer stories. You might find yourself feeling the call to volunteer, make a donation or pass the information on to someone who might need it.

Thank you CASA of OK Co for the opportunity to tell your story. Thanks to Christopher Hunt, Tim & Erin Cooper and all the volunteers who gave up a long Saturday to talk with us about the important and needed work done by CASA of OK Co.

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