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December 16, 2020

Continue To Adapt Adopt Pivot During COVID-19 (with bonus audio)

Show Notes

COVID-19 Support For Business Series
COVID-19 Support For Business Series
Continue To Adapt Adopt Pivot During COVID-19 (with bonus audio)

The next chapter in our Adapt, Adopt or Pivot During COVID-19 series. We discuss how your business decisions during the Coronavirus will not go “back to normal” in the future. Instead, utilize what you have learned, new tools added and continuing to pay attention to your audience for direction.

  • Unpredictability is very bad for business
  • Adapt, Adopt or Pivot your business model
  • There is no such thing as a “New Normal”
  • COVID-19 stress is impacting everyone
  •  No, you’re not pivoting back soon – Slow Down!
  • You can’t force people to like your business model
  • Start with a question, solve an actual problem
  • Don’t be ostentatiously braggadocious 16:09 Listening is more important than ever before
  • The only way your business survives COVID-19 is by listening to your audience
  • Social listening and social proof

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