Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

#NeoMarketing Podcast
#NeoMarketing Podcast
Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

Out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas make the business world run. On this episode, we look at three different ways to be different in your professional pursuits.

First, we have a special guest interview with Apollo Woods, Founder of OKC Black Eats and the NE OKC Developers Conference. Then we’ll discuss the DD Audio #SpeakerSeries on 5/2/19 featuring internationally known yoga teacher Allison Candelaria, Owner of Soul Yoga OKC and an amazing tweet involving Buffalo Wild Wings, The OKC Thunder basketball franchise and #AvengersEndgame.

On the #NeoMarketing podcast, The Golding Group partners Pritch Pritchard, APR and Kyle Golding briefly (12-15 mins.) discuss best practices, latest trends and modern techniques for professional business communications including advertising, marketing, digital channels, social media, public relations and alternative options.

Our goal is to be educational, informative and (hopefully) entertaining.

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