Strategic Growth Partners

July 7, 2021

Idea, Product, Business, Brand

Strategic Growth
Strategic Growth
Idea, Product, Business, Brand
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Show Notes

Strategic Growth
Strategic Growth
Idea, Product, Business, Brand

A #NeoMarketing Podcast deep dive into this statement from The Golding Group CEO Kyle GoldingAn idea is not a product, which is not a company, which is not a brand.” What can we learn from this statement and how will this idea help your business or career? Listen to find out. 

02:26 Don’t wait for a revolutionary idea, get started
04:04 Your idea will change
07:39 Don’t start with the product, but with the audience
09:30 Do what the audience wants, not what you want
11:00 A business has structure and profit
12:26 Don’t try to be “the Uber of…..”
13:20 Differentiation is the key
16:25 Always grow, or you are dying
19:12 Know your WHY

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