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How To Get Started Podcasting

The content discusses a podcast about building successful podcasts. It covers starting a podcast, required technology, and the significance of podcasts for contemporary audience growth. It also negates excuses to delay starting a podcast, providing strategy, success stories, and practical tips. The podcast explores best practices and the latest trends in professional business communication.

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International Marketing and Value-Added Services

Pritch Pritchard, co-host of the #NeoMarketing podcast, returns from a summer in Italy teaching PR for the University of Oklahoma. Topics discussed include Italian wine, international marketing, and value-added services. The podcast cover professional business communication practices and latest industry trends across various channels.

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Special Guest: Steve Davis and Che’ Loessberg

In the absence of regular co-host Pritch Pritchard, the NeoMarketing podcast features two Oklahoma City business professionals, Steve Davis and Che’ Loessberg. They discuss HR’s impact on businesses, the role of the Oklahoma Venture Forum in supporting entrepreneurship, and the shift towards digital platforms for business communication.

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The Essential Skill Of Listening

Utilizing essential tools in business, especially listening, can provide advantageous insights from clients, customers, vendors and employees. The #NeoMarketing podcast by The Golding Group, hosted by Pritch Prichard and Kyle Golding, discusses professional business communication practices, new trends and modern techniques, aiming to be educational, informative and entertaining.

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Avoiding PR Tone Deafness

Most business decision makers understand the need for a positive brand voice when it comes to advertising and public relations, but too many are tone

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