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October 21, 2020

Busting 10 Myths of Crisis Communications

Strategic Growth
Strategic Growth
Busting 10 Myths of Crisis Communications

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Strategic Growth
Strategic Growth
Busting 10 Myths of Crisis Communications

“The Professor” Pritch Pritchard, APR and PRSA Fellow breaks down the top 10 crisis communications myths according to “Effective Crisis Communication – Moving From Crisis to Opportunity” by three of today’s most respected crisis/risk communication scholars: Robert R. Ulmer, University of Nevada/University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Timothy L. Sellnow, University of Central Florida and Matthew W. Seeger – Wayne State University.

The Effective Crisis Communication textbook examines the latest theories and innovative approaches for handling crisis. Unlike other crisis communication texts, this acclaimed book answers the question, “what now?” and explains how organizations can create the potential for opportunity, renewal, and growth through effective crisis communication. Authors Robert R. Ulmer, Timothy L. Sellnow, and Matthew W. Seeger provide guidelines for taking the many challenges that crises present and turning those challenges into opportunities. Practical lessons and in-depth case studies highlight successes and failures in dealing with core issues of crisis leadership, including managing uncertainty, communicating effectively, understanding risk, promoting communication ethics, enabling organizational learning, and producing renewing responses to crisis.

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