Learning From Failures: Crisis Communications, Cancel Culture & Unmet Expectations

#NeoMarketing Podcast
#NeoMarketing Podcast
Learning From Failures: Crisis Communications, Cancel Culture & Unmet Expectations

There are lessons we can all learn from very recent (and still ongoing) failures in crisis communications from our local electric company and elected officials during a weather event, bowing to cancel culture by a national non-profit org. and a billion-dollar tech company that can’t live up to basic expectations. Strap in, we’re calling out leaders for their mistakes and piecing together the lessons we can all learn. The key is learning from our (and other people’s) mistakes.

Crisis Communication:
1. There is no such thing as over-communication in crisis situations.
2. You have to meet expectations, not do the minimum.
3. Protocols are better than plans for adapting as a situation changes.
4. Keep your tools (analog and digital) up to date at all times, so you are prepared for a crisis situation.
5. Put a human face on a crisis. Let the people you need to connect with see and hear a real person.
6. Use everything, multiple times. See item #1 again.
7. Actual transparency and authenticity, the way real people (your stakeholders) expect it.

Cancel Culture:
You cannot appease your way back from being canceled. (Unless you really, really screwed up) the attempt to do so will only cost you, supporters while doing nothing to “un-cancel” your reputation online. Unmet Expectations: How can a Billion (with a B) dollar tech company like T-Mobile have a poorly designed and performing website? They must not care about customer appreciation.

What do all of these have to do with each other? More communication, even if it’s incomplete or not what people are happy to hear, is always better than less communication.

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