Handling Crisis: The Power of Protocol (Part 1 of 2)

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Handling Crisis: The Power of Protocol (Part 1 of 2)

We go through our Crisis Communication Protocol keynote that we recently presented to the YMCA National CMO Conference. We’re going deep and complete on this conversation, so we did it in two parts. (next episode in two weeks 10/16).

Basic Definition of a Crisis: An organizational crisis is a specific, unexpected and non- routine event or series of events that create high levels of uncertainty and simultaneously present an organization with both opportunities for and threats to its high-priority goals.

Preparation for even unplanned crises starts well before the accident/incident. Time spent preparing today – in the calm – pays off in the heat of the fray. No matter how prepared you are…you will ALWAYS be surprised!

The best protection for brand reputation is a well-written crisis management protocols (not plans) containing systems for internal communications, media relations and reputation management. These protocols keep an organization viable while a media crisis (big or small) occurs and in the immediate time-frame after. Where business leaders often fail is waiting to “see how bad the damage is” before making a crisis management plan. This is a mistake. You need your protocols in place and communicated to everyone in your organization before any problem arises.

Here’s the presentation slide deck for you: http://bit.ly/CrisisCommProtocol

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